Snippets from Julia Thompson – 15 February 2013

Julia ThompsonJulia:  @JuliaBThompson  I’m all set this end!  / plse tell us something about your biz

Morning! The sun is shining in Kent too!

It’s all about Brides & Businesses for me!

Jackie:    interesting, can u tell us a little more?

Julia:  wedding planning for brides and mentoring for new wedding businesses, helps brides find suppliers they can trust to make the planning process easier

On the other side I work with established business to make sure their packages are what Brides want to buy

Jackie:  ah ok & guess you’re v busy at the moment with Wedding Shows, where’s your next one?

Julia:  tomorrow and sunday! at the Excel for the UK wedding show

Jackie:  so what keeps u awake at night with excitement about your biz?

Jackie:  if u were to start again, would u do anything differently?

Julia:  new flowers, new colours etc can go on for ages!

I’d pay more attention to my pricing from the start…it’s harder to raise prices when you’re established

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Julia:  Advice “i can either be primark or prada never both, remember primark has to sell 10000 prada has to sell 1

Jackie:  which did u go for?

Julia:  I went for Prada! nobody was surprised!

Jackie:  Great choice *wave* to audience – any questions for Julia re events/weddings/

Julia:  come on…pick my brain!

Jackie:  Now I know you’re a very astute businessman, If you were one businesswoman for a day, who would u b?

Julia:  Ha ha! Now that i finally “know who I am” I LOVE being me!

Jackie:  the answer to this then is probably no surprise – r u champagne or beer and skittles type of gal?

Julia:  CHAMPAGNE of course!!!

Jackie:  seems like they’re all shy this morning! #beckbromfl #Beckenham peeps Julia’s a home grown girl

Julia:  yep… started @AfusionWedding in #Beckenham #beckbromfl

Jackie:  on your biz epitaph, what would it say?

Julia:  Epitaph should read “helpful, funny & wore fabulous shoes”

Jackie:  LOL – indeed u qualify for all 3!

Jackie:  when did u start to network for your biz & how has #1230TWC helped u?

Julia:  networking back in 2009. #1230TWC was great I ran the Croydon group for about a yr great place to gain confidence

Jackie:  Who would u have around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Julia:  Dinner table guests would need to be my London Queen group. They are a fantastic bunch of heart centred business women

Jackie:  plse tell us a bit more about London Queens?

Julia:  We all met at an event last summer for and “fell in love” lol! We really support each other, I’d be lost without them!

Jackie:  last Q – do u have something you’d like to promote with us ?

Julia:  yes please 40 mins free pricing and packaging discovery session for wedding and beauty business

Jackie:  Wow – that sounds gr8 – so we’re at an end – thnx so much Julia for being our guest, we’ve loved having u..

Julia:  I loved it! A fabulous return to twitter for me! Thank you!

Jackie:  hope you & shy audience have enjoyed, next week at same time same place is @nadinepiper  Nadine Crawford

Julia:  *waves* catch up soon! bye.

Jackie:  thnx again Julia, have fab w/e, our conversation will be and your pic here   & your pic here

and good luck with the show at Excel

Julia:  Thank you!

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