Snippets from Karen Davis – 27 April 2012

Jackie:  r u sitting comfortably? 5 mins 10.30 am TODAY @BeFabulous, plse join in follow #1230KISS

Karen:  Warming my fingers up for #1230KISS – see you soon 🙂

Jackie:  Fabulously sunny morning everyone, especially this morning’s special guest Karen Davis @befabulous

Karen:  well please send that sun to me, it’s tipping it down here again 🙂

Karen:  Morning everyone!

Jackie:  hey, here we go.. Karen, plse tell us a bit about your business

Karen:  Be Fabulous is an online magazine that aims to inspire, motivate & support/promote women in biz

Karen:  Plus in my ‘day job’ I’m the owner of a marketing & design agency called chicken/egg – I keep busy!

Jackie:  think that #1230TWC was one of your first sign-ups! What’s your greatest challenge

Jackie:  if you want something done, ask a busy woman!!

Karen:  ……. ask a busy woman!! – ain’t that the truth!

Jackie:  please share with us the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Karen:  Stop worrying about failing! Fear holds us back too much, if you’re passionate about something just go for it!

Jackie:  Brilliant piece of advice, we can all hold onto that

Karen:   just believe in yourself, that’s my motto!

Jackie:  love both your business names – sums everything up so well

Karen:  thanks, they get remembered!

Karen:  biggest personal challenge is balancing work and home (I’ve a 4 yr old and we’re renovating a 17th C cottage!)

Jackie:  guess the 4 yo is helpful there then 🙂 plse send us pics at some time of the cottage

Karen:  work challenge: keeping up the momentum with Be Fabulous and building relationships/winning biz for chicken/egg

Jackie:  so a bit about u, how about sharing something with us that u’ve never shared before

Karen:  Oh God, okay … ummm … I was a huge Bros fan 😉 (don’t judge me people!)

Jackie:  Oh God, okay … ummm … I was a huge Bros fan 😉 (don’t judge me people!) #1230KISS / it’s OK we understand 🙂

Jackie:  Business for most is about the ups & downs, do u have a business mistake u could share with us?

Karen:  I’ve made 100’s over the years, who hasn’t! But the biggest: getting too emotionally involved with a client

Karen:  There has to be boundaries. It hit me very hard when the relationship went sour. But you live and learn!

Jackie:  yep – a tuffy, but as u say we live & learn

Jackie:  thank u for sharing that with us so publicly, on a lighter note r u a stilettos or trainer gal?

Karen:  Like most working mums I fall into both camps, I’ve two wardrobes for my different ‘roles’ 🙂

Jackie:  which quality would u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick

Karen:  A mix of the two if possible – they’ve both got qualities that are important, I think I fall into both camps.

Jackie:  yes, that sounds a great mix – last question coming up Karen, thank u so much 4 your time, hope you’ve enjoyed and on your business epitaph – what would that say?

Karen:  It’s been great, thanks for inviting me on

Jackie:  It’s been great, thanks for inviting me on #1230KISS / it’s been entirely our pleasure

Karen:  LOL! ‘She worked bloody hard

Jackie:  I thank that’s the most FABULOUS note to end on! Thnx Karen, thnx everyone

Jackie:  Hope you all enjoyed the interview this morning on #1230KISS

Karen:  my fingers are tired now 🙂

Jackie:  thnx everyone – see u same time 10.30 am next Friday , don’t forget, get in touch if u’d like to be Twitterviewed

Jackie:  Lol! thnx again Karen, now have a “finger rest”

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