Snippets from Karen Skidmore

Friday 27 May, we are delighted to have Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe as our Twitterview Guest.

Karen teaches small business owners how to use web tech tools. Email newsletters, blogs, social media and how they tie together

Jackie: so I’m guessing that you’ll be very busy then, social media so essential as part of marketing strategy

Karen: yes but I don’t believe social media is essential to marketing. You’ve got to take it seriously but only so many hrs in the day!

Jackie:  that’s interesting, what’s your take on social media’s place then for business?

Karen: Evaluate it, decide if right for yr clients, right for u & then take action. If no for now, reevaluate again in 6 mths.

Jackie: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given Karen?

Karen:  best advice? JFDI!! You can plan all you want but if you don’t take action & get on with it, it won’t happen

best advice? JFDI!!

Jackie:  so last question coming up Karen – what about success, is that all about money for you?

Karen: money important. Definitely! But reason for doing it is to have flexible career on my own terms. Be a mum too

Jackie: thank you Karen, you clearly make that work for you and your family. Thank you so much for your time today, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Karen: thank you, yes! 140 characters clears your mind of clutter. Keep answers short & simple!

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Next Twitterview is 10 June when we have Sally James with us – see you there!

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