Snippets from Karen Wisdom – 30 March 2012

Jackie:   Glorious sunny morning and welcome everyone to  #1230kiss with @KarenWindsor

Jackie:   How r u this morning Karen

Karen:  Hi everyone, agree it’s a lovely morning (make the most of it)

Jackie:   How r u this morning KarenKaren:  All the better for the sunshine thanks Jackie!

Jackie:   Hay Karen – please tell us something about your business

Jackie:   While I think of it – big THANKS to @1stdnsltd for whizzy PC & fab new web site coming – watch this space

Karen:  I help businesses to build great reputations via marketing & social media training/mentoring & activity management

Jackie:   great – extremely invaluable stuff for everyone’s marketing

Karen:  Yes, it’s a very dynamic area and hard to keep up with new developments

Jackie:   challenging but exciting!

Jackie:   a bit about u r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of gal?

Karen:  Champagne (especially if it’s in a Chambord raspberry liqueur cocktail!)

Jackie:   yum – delish! so onto more serious stuff – what about success for u Karen, is it all about the money?

Karen:  Definitely not – money certainly helps- but it’s personal fulfilment, work-life balance and realising who you really are

Jackie:   is there anything specially you’re working on at the moment you’d like to tell us about?

Karen:  Just launching an April 1-2-1 training offer for 1230 TWC members at a 15% discount (see my 1230TWC profile)

Jackie:   Fabulous will be live on site shortly

Jackie:   what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given Karen?

Karen:  Lots to choose from…best tips have been ‘be yourself’, ‘work smarter’ and ‘pay it forward’

Jackie:   so… please share with us something you’ve never shared with anyone previously

Karen:  LOL, in my 20’s, I used to phone my mother from business conferences to give impression of important business calls!

Jackie:   WoooW way to go, like that one!

Jackie:   last question coming up now Karen & thank u so much for your time…

Jackie:   positive thinkers would u like around your dinner table?

Karen:  Mary Portas, Emily Maitlis, Richard Branson, Baroness Warsi, Boris Johnson, James Max, David Mitchell, Eddie Izzard

Jackie:  gr8t mix there – can I be a fly on the wall?

Karen:  you sure can, although I get first dibs as to where to sit 🙂 / you’re on!

Jackie:   thnx so much for your time Karen, hope u enjoyed – next is on 13 April – have fab w/e all

Karen:  Yes thanks Jackie; that was good fun! Have good weekends all and enjoy the sun!  / thnx u 2!

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