Snippets from Kath Pay – 18 January 2013

networking. twitter, twitterview, #1230KISS, jackie groundsellJackie:  morning Kath, @kathpay everyone, have to say this… on this chilly morning, stay safe & warm. thnx for joining us

so onto the biz – plse tell our “viewers” something about your business

Kath:  Sure thing – @PlantoEngage is an #emailmarketing and #eCRM consultancy – we consult, train and speak on email & eCRM

Jackie:  do u have any business books on the go at the moment?

Please feel free to put any questions to Kath whilst we’re here

Kath:  I’m always reading something! – usually a couple at a time. Currently Socialnomics by Erik Qualman is next to me

Jackie:  sounds a good one to investigate. Do u have anything you’d like to promote with us Kath?

Kath:  We have a #PlantoEngage #eCRM and Lifecycle Summit on March 6 – follow @kathpay to find out more

Jackie:  so whilst we’re conscious of our safe footwear at the moment, r u a trainers or stiletto gal?

Kath:  Hmmm…neither 🙂 Something in-between – love heels but a big fan of comfort too! Probably wear boots 8 months out of 12!

Jackie:  LOL! what would u say success is all about for u – is it just about the money?

Kath:  Not at all – success for me is about having a healthy work/life balance, continually learning and being happy in both realms

Kath:  It’s a virtual summit – all day long webinars & it’s FREE!

Jackie:  mmm sounds good! get investigating peeps. If u could b 1 business woman for the day, who wld u b

Kath:  I’ll go with JK Rowling not only is she a brilliant business woman but she also is very gracious and gives so much to charity

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve been given and follow?

Kath:  Choose your battles. It’s easy to find yourself always fighting 4 something – so be wise and choose those that matter to you

Jackie:  that makes a lot of sense, is easy to get drawn into things. Where wld u b on a rainy or snowy I guess, 4 your biz?

Kath:  If it’s cold as well as raining & I’m not with clients– working in front of my fire – all snug 🙂

Jackie:  so adverse weather clearly doesn’t stop u, fire sounds bliss.

Kath:  Indeed 🙂

Jackie:  last question coming up Kath – Who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Kath:  Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Anita Roddick – I’m sure we’d come up with some great concepts!

Jackie:  I’d love to squeeze in there! Thanks so much Kath for your time, hope you’ve enjoyed, & our viewers *wave*. Nxt week..

Kath:  Thanks so much Jackie and thanks fellow tweeters!

Jackie:  Next week our special guest is Janan Leo @cocorose so I look forward to seeing u all 10.30 am same place

have a gr8 w/e everyone – lots of snowmen and sledging!

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