Snippets from Lindsay Panteli – 13 July 2012

Jackie:  Good morning Lindsay @LindsayPanteli our special guest today – the sun’s shining so we’re going to have a fabulous Twitterview!

Here we go Lindsay & wave to everyone else – Lindsay, please tell us something about your business

Lindsay:  work with SME’s to help them to work on their businesses not just in them

Jackie:  I know u don’t get much spare time, but r u reading any business book at present?

Lindsay:  Yes, The E Myth by Michael Gerber for the 3rd time!

Jackie:  obviously a necessary book – why the 3rd time? could u give us one pointer from that book?

Lindsay:  The whole ethos of the book is realising that you have to find your hidden entrepreneurship

Jackie:  I can see it would be useful to revisit that at different stages of biz. What is success for u Lindsay – is success all about the money? .

Lindsay:  I would love to say no but of course it does make the world go around!

Jackie:  LOL – v haltingly at the moment! Do u have anything u’d like us to promote for you?

Lindsay:  Yes our next 1230 Margate meeting where I shall be running a workshop on Business Growth

Jackie:  ah yes, on 26 July  & of course, also exciting is launch of Canterbury

Lindsay:  Yes I am really looking forward to the Canterbury group launch in September

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge, whether biz or personal?

Lindsay:  having time for everyone and everything

Jackie:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

Lindsay:  In business work towards a goal or a holiday , always try to reward yourself

Jackie:  good one, we all need those rewards. Would u say u r a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Lindsay:  Definitely Champagne and preferably pink !

Jackie:  why does 1230TWC networking work for u & others?

Lindsay:  Having young children it fits with my working mum’s lifestyle and gives me something to look forward to each month

Jackie:  Last question coming up – which quality do u prefer to work with, entrepreneur or maverick – and why?

Lindsay:  Entrepreneur as it makes my job easier as they generally have a vision and focus on what they want to achieve

Jackie:  Thnx Lindsay for your time, I hope u’ve enjoyed it & to all other viewers, same time, same place, have gr8 w/e Lindsay with lots of pink champagne!

Lindsay:  Thank you Jackie great fun, that would be lovely see you soon

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