Snippets from Lise Moen – 16 September 2011

Lise MoenJackie: Good morning everyone & a v warm welcome to special guest @lise_moen – how r u Lise this sunny day?

Lise:  Great, thank you Jackie. Super to be here with you.

Jackie: G8t! Lise, plse tell us something about yr business

Lise: I help people define what and how their business is and how to communicate this: I call it become brilliant.

Ali  @costawomen:  Hello all from #Spain *waving*

Ali  @costawomen:  What do you think the biggest issue for Women is to stop them realising they are “brilliant”?

Lise: Themselves

@SingleParentTC: low self esteem?

Jackie: “Become Brilliant” I like that!

Lise: Thank you, Jackie. Brilliance is what we all are. In our own unique ways

Jackie: so something about you… r u a beer & skittles or champagne type of Gal?

Lise: both at different times

Jackie: LOL! what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given Lise?

Lise: doing emails isn’t work

Jackie: that’s an interesting one! what about the great thinkers of the world… who would u like around yr dining table?

Lise: women entrepreneurs

Jackie: anyone in particular?

Lise:  ….well, there is you Jackie. But more importantly the ones who aren’t known.

Jackie: let’s set a date! 🙂 What would u say has been yr greatest challenge, whether personal or business

Lise:  allowing myself to be brilliant in my life and work

Jackie: Think Brilliant is going to come into my vocabulary much more! Last Q coming up now Lise, & thank u so much for yr time

Jackie:  what is success about for u? is it all about money?

Lise: money flows from love not the other way round

Jackie:  that is beautiful & true… thnx so much again Lise

Lise: Thank you, Jackie.  Brilliance is what we all are. In our own unique ways

Lise:  Thank you so much for having me here today.

Jackie: Thnx everyone for being there & Qs, nxt Fri 23 September 10.30 am is Lorraine Turton have a g8t w/e

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