Snippets from Michele Cole – 5 October 2012

Michele Cole, 1230KISS, 1230 The Women's Company, networking, business, businesswomen, womenJackie:  gloriously sunny welcome to everyone & special guest Michele Cole @mmmcole – how r u Michele?

Michele:  l‘m good thankyou, glorious day

Jackie:  great – plse tell us something about your business to get us started

Michele:  I help SME’s, individuals and families to find private healthcare to suit their needs

Jackie:  useful when we all need to keep our biz going & keeping well. what would u say has been your greatest challenge?

Michele:  Greatest challenge – bringing up my 4 children on my own while running my business and surviving!

Jackie:  & u all survived – well done! sooo how do u spend your idea Sunday?

Michele:  It depends what I was doing on Saturday night!

Jackie:  LOL!! what about advice, what’s the best you’ve been given

Michele:  Worrying about a problem ask self “Is there anything I can do about it?” If answer is “No” stop worrying!

Jackie:  when did u start networking & how has 1230TWC been successful for u?

Michele:  10 years. Thru 1230 TWC I have like-minded business women who share many of the same issues

Jackie:  do u have something u’d like to promote with our “viewers” today Michele

Michele:  Fantastic “Partner Goes Free” offer –add your partner free for 1st year. Single? – 25% discount for 1st year

Jackie:  sounds excellent! what about success for u, is it all about the money!

Michele:  No it isn’t, success for me is knowing that I have achieved what I set out to do.

Jackie:  as a successful bizwoman yrself, which businesswoman would u be for the day?

Michele:  @HilaryDevey a successful business woman, would like to know what goes on in her head!

Jackie:  me too! brilliant woman! so last question coming up…

Jackie:  r u a beer & skittles or champagne type of gal?

Michele:  Champagne darling!

Jackie:  Fantastic!! thnx so much for your time, hope u and everyone enjoyed… next week, I’m delighted to Twitterview…

Michele:  Thank you.

Jackie:  next week’s guest is Bieneosa from @CroydonRadio – see u all then…. & have gr8 w/e

Thank you. / my pleasure, speak soon & have fab w/e

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