Snippets from Michelle Douglas-Mann – 20 April 2012

Jackie:  Good sunny morning everyone, & special warm welcome to Michelle DouglasMan @reverselife4321 – how r u Michelle?

Michelle:  great thanks Jackie!

Jackie:  good to c u yesterday – would u plse tell us something about your business

Jackie:  thnx Wendy for RTs – *wave*

Michelle:  I provide HR advice to businesses that need a pair of sr exec HR hands that will cost than employing an HR director.

Jackie:  mmmm sounds invaluable service. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Michelle:  Achievement with a positive approach is much more satisfying than just trying to outsmart someone

Jackie:  soooo a little about u – r u a trainers or stilettos Gal?

Michelle:  Trainers, stilettos look great, but I would tip over.

Jackie:  If u were to be one business woman for a day, who would u be & why?

Michelle:  Nicola Horlick – she does lots with a smile & I understand it. that helps

Jackie:  yes, she’s had some difficulties/challenges, so an interesting person to follow.

Jackie:  What about your greatest challenge to date Michelle?

Michelle:  Reminding myself that work is an enterprise full of possibilities, How for this client?

Jackie:  interesting replies Michelle, thank u – Last question coming up – who would be at your dinner table of positive thinkers

Michelle:  Mo Mowlem, Aung San Suu Kyi, Daniel Goleman, Martin Seligman, Joanna Lumley and the Dalai lama.

Jackie:  WOW, that’s an interesting mix – we’ll need to chat about that at the next #1230TWC #Mayfair meeting!

Jackie:  Thank you so much for your time Michelle, Wendy, everyone.. c u same time same place – Friday 10.30 am

Jackie:  thanks Michelle, we’ve so enjoyed having u as our #Twitterview Guest – have a gr8t weekend everyone

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