Snippets from Nikki Hinksman – 12 July 2013

Nikki HinksmanJackie:  ‘morning Nikki @nikki_infocus  everyone – how r u today? lovely to have u as our guest this morning

Nikki:  Thank Jackie, really excited about chatting today

Jackie:  Great stuff – plse tell us something about your biz Nikk

Nikki:  In essence we provide coaching and training for organisations/individuals in communication, impact, influence, team development.

Jackie:  big *wave* to all our viewers – plse say Hi!

Nikki:  Hello everyone out there, so happy to be twittering with you this morning

Jackie:  How do u like to spend your ideal Sunday

Nikki:  I like my sleep so a lie in would be a must! Breakfast in the garden with family, a trip into nature and a Sunday roast

Jackie:  sounds idyllic!

Jackie:  wot’s the best advice u’ve been given? & do u follow it?

Nikki:  Listen to your intuition, you already know what to do
A lot of what we teach is based on this, because we do forget what we know. in my experience this is the root of self confidence

Jackie:  V Sound – what keeps u awak at night with excitement abt your biz?

Nikki:  I love that moment when a new opportunity comes and I’m arranging to first meet a client to understand what’s going on for them

Jackie:  Wot’s success all abt for u, is it just ££££

Nikki:  Success is about balance for me. I’m a juggler; business, family, learning. Being present to them all makes me better at them all.

Jackie:  last question coming up Nikki -If u were one biz woman for the day, who wld it be?

Nikki:  Karen Brady. I’m totally obsessed with the Apprentice and she fascinates me @karenbrady

Jackie:  Karen’s v popular for this question – I can c why! Thnx so much for u’re time Nikki – hope u enjoyed

Nikki:  Thanks Jackie, that was fun! Have a great day all..

Jackie:  thnx Nikki, everyone – c u all again same time same place next Friday
glad u enjoyed

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