Snippets from Nikki Pilkington – 7 December 2012

Nikki Pilkington 1230 TWC networking business Jackie GroundsellJackie:  good morning everyone and a very warm, if cloudy welcome – especially to special guest @NikkiPilkington – how r u Nikki?

Nikki:  I’m good thanks – happy to be in my new home office 🙂

Jackie:  yes, you’ve had a bit of a traumatic year I believe – so Happy Home now, plse tell us a bit about your biz

Jackie:  v slow airwaves – stick with us!

Nikki:  I promote websites, through various means, turning them from marketing costs into sales tools

Nikki:  You can find out more about me at – have been in business for 19 years 🙂

Jackie:  all essential in today’s technology and maximising our marketing opportunities. If u were 2 start again would you do anything differently?

Nikki:  I wouldn’t have hired offices and staff when working from home/remotely is just as effective and more fun!

Jackie:  excellent – that’s helpful for everyone – is success all about money for u Nikki?

Nikki:  no but it helps J

Jackie:  how would u overcome the loneliness of remote working?

Nikki:  I don’t really get lonely – I have a great community of friends online, and good friends offline too

Nikki:  Online forums, Twitter etc and plenty of phone calls keep me from becoming a complete hermit 😉

Jackie:  I’m sure u’ve had lots of advice during those 19 years, what’s the best advice ever?

Nikki:  no-one will ever give you anything in this life – you have to work for it

Jackie:  If u were to b one businesswoman 4 the day – who would that be?

Nikki:  Happy being me, but i’d like to step into Jordan’s shoes and strip away the fakery, show the businesswoman

Jackie:  that’s so true re Jordan, would be great if young women could see her business acumen @MissKatiePrice

Nikki:  yep, whether it’s bcos she’s surrounded herself with the right ppl or off her own bat, she’s done well

@lisalovescheese  Hi guys, @NikkiPilkington is amazing, a real inspirational online figure, followed her for a few years now

Jackie:  Hi Lisa – thanks for joining us – big *wave* to all lurkers 🙂 plse say Hi!

Sooo agree with u Lisa – thnx – whereabouts r u based? – let’s do Twitterview in 2013

Jackie:  anything you’d like to promote with us Nikki ?

Nikki:  Bonkers Blogging Offer new clients

Jackie:  something you’ve never shared with anyone previously? plse share with us

Nikki:  hehe when I started my web design business 19 years ago, I only had 3 months internet experience…

Nikki:  I think it’s great that working from home has now become a good thing, instead of stigma it was 10+ yrs ago

Jackie:  totally agree, particularly for women when we need flexibility of working at 3.00 AM 😉

Nikki:  3am is my best time to work 🙂

Jackie:  /exactly!! perhaps we should do survey on 3 am workers!

Nikki:  mind you, everyone was crap in those days – i realised web design wasn’t for me & moved to marketing 🙂

Jackie:  thnx Nikki for your time hope u enjoyed, next week same time 10.30 am is @SharonEden  have gr8 day all ttfn Lisa/everyone

Nikki:  thanks guys, short but sweet 🙂 short but sweet interview over, now catching up with Bonkers Blogging Offer new clients

@sharoneden @1230kiss You bet I’m gonna be there next Friday 14th

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