Snippets from @NikkiPilkington – 29 July 2011

1230KISS: it’s Friday 10.30 am – very warm welcome to @nikkipilkington – how r u Nikki?

Nikki: Hi everyone – I’m a little bit nervous so be nice to me 😉

Nikki: Hope you all have lots of questions for my  interview or i’ll look a bit silly! Don’t forget the hashtag so I can keep up!

1230KISS: we’re always nice Nikki!! plse tell us a bit about your business

Nikki: For 16 yrs I help small businesses to promote themselves on the internet, I do this through SEO, Social Media and Blogging 🙂

1230KISS: think I know the answer to this but r u a champagne or beer & skittles Gal?

Nikki: I’m a Champagne girl at the weekend, beer and skittles in the week 😉

Nikki: I live in France – it would be rude not to like Champagne

1230KISS: that covers all points then lol! what keeps u awake at night re your business Nikki?

Nikki: What keeps me awake? Having too many ideas and not enough time to implement them!

DinahLiversidge: what makes you re-tweet a blog? 🙂

Nikki: I retweet things if I think they’ll be useful to others – I retweet a LOT 🙂

1230KISS: do you have something you’d like to promote with us today Nikki?

Nikki: It would be nice if people could check out the 30 Day Challenges on my website, esp the SEO one launching Monday. They’re all at #30dayfb

edenaccountant: They’re excellent, looking forward to more! Any other words of advice??

Nikki: best advice in social media – be yourself, be open and remember the social part not just the marketing

Hi, what made you start the 30 day challenges?

Nikki:  I started the 30day challenges because I wanted people to see that social media isn’t as difficult as some say

Karenjpa: I recommend Nikki’s 30 Day challenge – it’s helping me!

Inheritance_Ade: To think I’ve actually met the 2 principals of today’s tweetchat  – aren’t I a lucky boy

BalancedTW: Do you have a marketing plan that you follow? For you and your clients?

1230KISS: excellent Q from Rebecca @BalancedTW

Nikki:  I have a loose plan, but it changes daily, depending on what’s going on in the world 🙂  Regarding marketing plans, I have mindmaps for all clients and me with basics for the month, then extras get thrown in

1230KISS:  Wow! well done on keeping up Nikki!

Nikki:  hehe i type quickly 🙂

1230KISS: airwaves obviously work well in France! what about success for u Nikki, is it all about money?

Nikki: It’s not all about money, but ££ help 🙂 It’s about having time to spend with my kids doing fun things

1230KISS: makes sense, I’d agree with u on that… what’s been yr greatest challenge – bus/personal?

Nikki: Biggest bus challenge, setting up a business from a council house as a 21 year old single parent

Nikki: Personal challenge – taking time off and relaxing, oh and learning french lol

1230KISS: bus & personal both achieved!! Congratulations! so, Nikki, really appreciate yr time with us today, last Q coming up …..

BalancedTW: Nikki, do you use sites like hootsuite?

Nikki: I use Hootsuite, BufferApp and Tweetdeck to manage profiles for me and clients

1230KISS: wow! what I great Twitterview with @NikkiPilkington today, thnx everyone for yr Qs, see Nikki 19 June 2012 London, if not before!

1230KISS:  thankx everyone, look forward to speaking next week with @DorothyDalton

DorothyDalton: Me too! RT @1230jackie: @NikkiPilkington thankx everyone, look forward to speaking next week with @dorothydalton

Nikki: Thanks all, it’s been hectic but fun 🙂

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