Snippets from Ola Agbaimoni – 1 March 2013

OlaAgbaimoniOla:   how are you this morning? when do we get started?

Jackie:  I‘m good thnx Ol, hope you are too? Good morning Ola, everyone, welcome to #1230KISS with Ola Agbaimoni

Jackie:  for our viewers, whereabouts are you based?

Ola:   we are based in SE London

Ola:   Ola@Agbaimoni:  having some problems with the connection it is slow so a bit behind

Jackie: Ola, would u please share some info with us about your business?

Ola:   We are a marketing agency that is passionate about hugs, stories, transforming business and celebrating success.

Jackie:  I know your a busy lady, any time for reading? which business book?

Ola:   Currently reading Now Build a great business – Mark Thompson & Brian Tracy

Jackie:  sounds like a definite for the “ToDo” list. If u were to start again, would u do anything differently

Ola:   Build a client list before leaving full time employment  / Ahhh, the gold dust of all businesses!

Jackie:  If you could live anywhere else, where would it be

Ola:   Somewhere with economic and political stability, social acceptability and an average temp of 23 degrees all year round

Jackie:  what’s success all about for u Ola – is it all about the money?

Ola:   No. Success is knowing that you’ve done a great job, made a real difference in people’s lives

Jackie:  Anything you’d like to promote with “viewers” *wave* today?

Ola:   The Building Marketing Muscles Assessment Test on our website how fit is your marketing

Jackie:  don’t just lurk, please say Hi! any questions for Ola?

Jackie:   that looks a great one, looking forward to working with u on 1230 Business School

Ola:   Yes we are very excited about it. WE love sharing knowledge its what its all about – Giving value

Jackie:   something a bit lighter – r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of gal?

Ola:   I love Champagne but am a down to earth type of girl too.  / LOL! enjoy!

Jackie:  What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given Ola, I’m sure there’s been lots along the way

Ola:   The 4 agreements Don’t make assumptions Don’t take anything personally Always do your best Be impeccable with your word

sometimes hard ones – But they are on my wall as reminders! Last question coming up Ola…

Jackie:  who would b round your dinner table of posited thinkers?

Ola:   Nelson Mandela, Dr. Stephen Covey, Oprah, Barrak and Michelle Obama, JK Rawlings, Warren Buffett, its a big list  plus Heather Rabbatts , Carole Pyke, Shami Chakrabarti, Martha Lane Fox

Jackie:  would love to be there!

thnx so much for your time Ola, I hope you’ve enjoyed…. thnx everyone for joining us, same time same place..

Ola:   me too lol

Jackie:  have a gr8 w/e everyone – look forward to next Friday with 10.30 am with @AliHollands

Ola:   yes it’s been great 🙂 thanks to everyone who spared the time

you too honey – Big hugs and thanks for the opportunity 🙂  / you’re v welcome x

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