Snippets from Paola Bagnall – 17 February

Jackie:     A very warm welcome to everyone, especially today’s guest @PaolaBagnall

Paola plse tell us something about your business?

Paola:   I help people to tap into their inner power to reach their full potential to achieve their aims too

Jackie:     @PaolaBagnall  / WoW! fantastic, hope there’s lots tuned out who could benefit from that. Now… plse tell us something that you’ve never shared with anyone previously….

Jackie:    that you’ve never shared with anyone previously….

Paola:    love Elvis Presley and his music – now that dates me!!??

Jackie:     LOL O no, I believe The King is timeless!

Paola:    Well I made you laugh and yes the King is Timeless.

Jackie:     what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Paola:    By my father – if you don’t ask you do not get! I find this works – ask and it will be given often.

Jackie:     sound advice, people are so generous

Jackie:     what would u say has been your greatest challenge?

Paola:    Writing my book and getting it published with a CD in the back cover

Jackie:     & I know u succeeded here – what dream for your business r u now realising?

Paola:    Getting my book with a CD onto Kindle and iBooks

@costawomen:  (Ali Meehan) My daughter used hypnobirthing & made such a difference. Lilly (now born) is very relaxed too!

Jackie:     Hi Ali – *wave* over the seas – that’s just fab news! thnx 4 joining us

Paola:    Yes most hypnbobirthing babies are very chilled out

Jackie:     what about success for u Paola – is it all about the money?

Paola:    No, for me it’s about helping people and job satisfaction

Jackie:     where can people buy your book Paola?

Paola:    Buy my book BIRTH MADE EASY here httPaola: // or at Amazon

For more info on what I do see httPaola: // too

Jackie:     gr8t! expect to see those sales rise! last question if u were one business women for the day, who would u be?

Paola:    You Jackie as I admire your industry!!

Jackie:     awww *blush* you’re too kind! thanks so much for your time..

Paola:    A PLEASURE and been good to chat to you all.

Jackie:     I hope u enjoyed.. thnx so much everyone for joining us, same time same place, next week 24/2 have g8t w/e ….

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