Snippets from Penny Power – 14 October 2011

Penny PowerPenny Power:  My first Twitter based interview – 10.30am GMT -NOW

1230KISS/Heather Bond:  Good morning and welcome, Lovely to have you here. Yes she is 🙂

Penny:  sorry, I should have said Heather, Jackie is somewhere glamorous isn’t she

1230KISS/Heather: Love to reconnect again. Penny can you tell us a bit about your business?

Penny: I have just had a great lesson from someone about understanding your selfworth and Motivational value

1230KISS/Heather: Sounds powerful stuff Penny. Could you tell us a little bit about your amazing business?

Penny: happily. I am very driven by the sense of belonging family and community and have built a business community-Ecademy for 13 yrs

1230KISS/Heather: What is Ecademy? Can you share more?

Penny: Ecademy  is  community of over 600,000 SMEs that share their knowledge and lives with one another, on and offline

OK, I am the guest of #1230KISS they do these chats weekly, tune in next week with them perhaps

 1230KISS/Heather: Wow! Excellent, If you were to start over again what if anything would you do differently?

Penny: g8 question, I would prepare my mind for a long journey, building communities take longer than building

1230KISS/Heather: What’s the best advice you’ve been given

Penny: best advice I was given is ‘trust myself first, and then others’. Often we know more than we realise at the start, when we start in biz we listen to everyone’s advice, their advice is their opinion, few know what you know in

1230KISS/Heather: Are you a trainer or stiletto girl?

Penny:  leather boots, love winter, jumpers and boots, trainer implies I am fit, which I am definitely not, stilettos-too sexy

1230KISS/Heather: one final question. Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Penny:  positive thinkers @thomaspower @ecademy community of people  – there are many many people, I like radiators not drains, one of the key problems people face is not ‘giving’ it is learning to receive and say ‘can you help me’

1230KISS/Heather: so no specific influencers or mentors?  any books you’d recommend?

Penny: no, none that I use as an anchor, I am not a great reader, I prefer the real-time and the energy at that moment

1230KISS/Heather:  Thank you Penny for being with us and sharing. Lovely to have you with us.  Any last thought to share?

Penny:  great to chat, great idea, I hope more people take part and follow your lead.

Finally- remember to enjoy the promise of the social world online & actually make deep friendships that help u & helps others

1230KISS/Heather:   Thank you to Penny and thank you all for joining us this morning. You’ll be pleased to know the very capable Jackie nwk

Have a great week everyone. Jackie returns next week with another amazing woman sharing with us!

Caroline Marsah, Secret Millionaire – 10.30 am Friday 21 October

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