Snippets from Rebecca Robertson – 23 March

Good morning everyone and a special sunny welcome to our guest Rebecca Robertson @RebeccaRob999 – how r u this morning Beccie?

Rebecca: good morning, I hope I am using the right @ and #

Jackie:  So far so good! please tell us something about your business

Rebecca:  Great! Evolution for Women are qualified women providing advice and information to women and their families

Jackie:  that sounds invaluable, what’s the most exciting part of your business?

Rebecca:  Helping clients as sad as that sounds, I love making a positive impact in people lives

Jackie:  don’t think that’s sad, quite the reverse – happy clients are essential to our businesses, so yours r v lucky!

Jackie:  which quality would u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick

Rebecca:  entrepreneur but a positive attitude is a must

Jackie:  so, what about u Beccie – r u a stilettos or trainers type of gal?

Rebecca:  trainers, wheels or riding boots.

Jackie:  wheels on the trainers? LOL! what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Rebecca:  Wellies 🙂

Rebecca:  my dad always told and still does, you can only try your best, no one can ask any more from you

Jackie:  good 4 Dad, being a #parent is such a hard job!

Rebecca:  my dad is the best

Jackie:  Do u have something that you’re working on at present, an event maybe?

Rebecca:  I am working an event, how did you know lol… I have my first EVO event – which is free information 30th march

Jackie:  sounds great, I’ll try to get there – do u have a link?

Jackie:  great, thnx for that link to your event on 30 March

Jackie:  So what about success for you Beccie – is it all about the money?

Rebecca:  If it was about money I’d get manager job in London again, so it’s about givg affordable advice.  I can charge much less to clients which helps me sleep at night

Jackie:  Fantastic, and gr8t for our “viewers” to know, last questions coming up – who would you have around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Jackie:  WoW! some fantastic #FF for us this morning, big thanks all – catch up laters..

Rebecca:  You of course Jackie! 🙂  my best friend Suzie is such a positive and enthusiastic person

Jackie:  aww thnx, “get’s diary out” 🙂 great to have such a good friend. I’m so glad u could join … us this morning, thnx 4 u’re time, enjoy rest of the day

Rebecca:  Thank you for having over at kiss 🙂 not painful at all!

See you all, same time, same place – 10.30 am on 30 March with Karen Wisdom

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