Snippets from Sam Cooper-Davidson – 7 February 2014

Sam_CooperDavidsonJackie:  morning everyone on this lovely sunny day – we can pretend & to Twitterview guest Sam Cooper-Davidson @applePA1

Sam:  at least the sun is shining a little bit?

Jackie:  hope all’s good with u – plse tell our viewers something abt your biz?

Sam:  applePA is a Virtual PA business. We support clients with call handling, email/diary management, call handling and much more

Jackie:  How did you decide on your biz name

Sam:  Actually my 10 year old daughter named it.

Jackie:  guess she likes apples then, v good 4 her! if u were to live anywhere else, where wld it b?

Sam:  Ahh this goes with the name of my business…I love New York….so New York! 🙂

Jackie:  oo you’re right – sunshine! What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Sam:  Best advice? Guy called Andrew Speers when I was first networking said ‘Sam…get up there, tell them who you are and be heard!’

Jackie:  ah yes, that rings a bell – anyone tell us why New York is called “Big Apple” ?

Sam:  something to do with racehorsing, but there are other theories too! 🙂

Jackie:  when did u start networking your biz – how has 1230 been successfl 4 u?

Sam:  Well 1230 is my first shot at networking for applePA. I love these girls its like having lunch with great friends talking business

Jackie:  which quality do u prefer to work with – maverick or entrepreneur?

Jackie:  your biz epitaph, what would that say?

Sam:  LOL – probably something like ‘Oh bugger I’ve dropped a ball,’ 🙂

Jackie:  OK Sam, thnx so much for joining us today – hope u’ve enjoyed – we’ve loved having u here. Last question coming up….

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge

Sam:  Wow…not dropping balls 🙂 being a single mum and a sole trader all at once…getting the balance right is a challenge!

Jackie:  Gr8 successful note to close on – thnx again Sam – do u have link for your web site for viewers?

Sam:  yep its – thanks everyone lovely to chat with you all…and thanks Jackie X

Jackie:  thnx Sam, Shona, lurkers – see u all same time next week stay safe & dry

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