Snippets from Sarah Arrow – 30 May 2014

Sarah_ArrowJackie:  Good morning everyone and a very warm welcome to my special Guest @SarahArrow:

Jackie:  Sarah, plse tell us abt your biz.

Sarah:  it’s a people business, involves sharing the stories of everyday business people http:…

Jackie:  Cool! So how does that happen, how do u share with peeps? do u have url u can give?

Sarah:  a number of ways via social media, via planned campaigns and by good conversations

Jackie:  OK grab it here folks! How do u like to spend your ideal Sunday?

Sarah:  How do u like to spend your ideal Sunday? // sleeping! I like to go out on the boat on a sunny day and relax

Jackie:  Sounds Bliss – promising for this w/e. #1230KISS What’s best advice u’ve been given?

Sarah:  What’s best advice u’ve been given? // A. Do it again, only this time better.

Jackie:  Excellent, thnx for explaining. Your fame reaches far & wide …//I’m international

.. so I’m sure peeps will want to know a bit more abt u – if u were one biz for the day, who wld u be?

Sarah:  I’d love to be Becky Adams aka Madam Becky with her pug..

Jackie:  Definitely global! What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?  //have kids! They’re Scary!

Jackie:  Last question coming up Sarah – thnx so much for being with us today, hope u’ve enjoyed… // it’s been a pleasure

Sarah:  Thanks for having me as your guest today on 1230Kiss 🙂 / love it! x

Jackie:  When did u start to network for your biz – how has 1230TWC been successful 4 u? // // Hoping to bring TWC to #Essex

Jackie:  #Essex Excellent! can’t wait!.  On your biz epitaph, what would it say?

Sarah:  She would have loved blogging…

Jackie:  Thanks again. Have fab w/e – see u all next week! My guest is @ValerieDwyerX

@ValerieDwyer  Super Show! Thanks Jackie. Looking forward to chatting with you #1230KISS next Friday. Have a Wonderful Weekend

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