Snippets from Sharon Eden – 14 December 2012

Sharon_Eden Sharon:  @sharoneden Hi Jackie, ready to rok’n’rol… c u at 10.30 BST

Jackie: Good morning Sharon – delighted to have u as our Guest today – how r u?

Sharon:  In delicious form thanks Jackie… and you?

Jackie: plse tell us something about your business

Sharon:  I work w prof & exec women who feel stuck 2 connect w Core Passion which creates life they love

Jackie: FAB U LOUS – and v rewarding I’m sure. what is success about 4 u, is it all about the money?

Sharon:  Doing what I love, living fullout & being financially rewarded for what I bring 2 the world

Jackie: LOL! Ditto thank u Sharon – plse share your biggest challenge to date

Sharon:  Biggest Challenge? Taking on board my own magnificence to help women do the same!

Said a bit + passionate about women can change the world… and do we need it!

Jackie: who’s joining us today? Don’t be shy 🙂

Jackie: Do u have a business mistake u could share with us?

Sharon:  Not learning how 2 get my business head on earlier in career

AND a mistake is only a mis-take, a learning opp. Big one was not to get it in writing!

Jackie: Huge learning curve, isn’t it? Slighty lighter note – r u a fish n chips or smoked salmon kind of gal?

Sharon:  Definitely but definitely a smoked salmon kinda gal!

Jackie: re In writing – painful one that! What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Sharon: Do what you’re passionate about

@RuthieEdwards:  @sharoneden our own magnifence is bursting to get out there @sharoneden has it in abundance!

Jackie: @RuthieEdwards  Thank u Ruth for joining us!

Sharon:  Hi Ruthie… welcome welcome welcome!

Jackie: Anything you’d like to promote with us today?

Sharon:  My PassionPulseCheck TM @ & find wot yr passion score is & how 2 get more

@RuthieEdwards: @sharoneden @ Good morning ladies!

Jackie: Good morning Ruthie – glad u can join us – any questions for Sharon?

Sharon:  Best advice? Simples… Do what yr passionate about!

Jackie: Great one! Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Sharon:  which quality do u prefer to work with? entrepreneur or maverick?

Sharon:  Love working with both qualities of maverick & entrepreneur.. r they not the same? 🙂

Jackie: interesting one! last question coming up – On your business epitaph – what would it say?

Sharon:  My epitaph? Sharon smashed it!

Jackie: On that wonderful note, leave u today – thnx so much Sharon, hope you enjoyed – have a wonderful Christmas all…

Sharon:  You too… and thanx for inviting me here. Had a ball! X

@moragbrand @sharoneden loving your Twitterview with @ >>> you’re rocking it!! X

Jackie: Thnx Morag for joining us

Sharon:  Warm chocolatey thanks, Morag x@moragbrand thnx Morag for joining us!

Jackie: Thnx all for joining us, have a WONDERFUL Christmas – look forward to seeing u next on  11/1/13

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