Snippets from Shona Easton – 31 May 2013

handbags, leather, networkingJackie:  @ShonaEaston  ‘morning Shona & Welcome! & Viewers. how r u today Shona? I c u’ve been to the gym this am

Shona:  Hi Jackie, Thank you. Yes been to the gym. Good start to the day.

Jackie:  Please tell us something about your business

Shona:  I’m a handbag & accessory designer. We sell the Shona Easton brand via stockists all over the UK and online

Jackie:  can’t separate a girl & her handbags! Watch this space peeps for Shona’s special offer

Jackie:  I know u travel a great deal – r u in UK or overseas at present?

Shona:  I‘m actually in Dubai at the moment. It’s nice and hot here 🙂

Jackie:  LOL – wonders of technology!

Shona:  Plenty of time to read on planes! Am loving How to Twitter for Business Success by @NickyKriel

Shona:  If I was to start again, I would have started designing my own label sooner!

Shona:  One biz mistake u’d like to share with us? >Not really but OK! Answer coming 🙂

My biggest mistake was buying too much stock and getting stuck with it. Don’t do that anymore!

Jackie:  what keeps u awake with excitement about your biz?

Shona:  I dream about having a big successful brand one day (soon)  #1230KISS / you’re already there!

Shona:  I started networking 10 years ago. I love 1230 because it’s just for women & they’re v supportive

Another great question! RT @1230jackie: .@ShonaEaston @1230KISS What’s the best piece of advice u’ve been offered?

Shona:  The best advice I’ve been given is that people buy from people and not companies

Shona:  If I could be one business woman for the day it would hv to be Coco Chanel #1230KISS / chic

Jackie:  Do u have something you’d like to promote with us today?

Shona:  I’m offering 25% off to 1230 members…

Jackie:  FABULOUS! thnx so much Shona for that brilliant offer & 4 your time today – hope u’ve enjoyed. Next week, same time, same place – have a good w/e everyone

@nickykreil Very interesting way to do an interview. Love Shona’s bags (may have 1 or 2) 🙂

Very interesting way to do an interview. Love Shona’s bags (may have 1 or 2) >She does!

Shona:  Really good fun being #Twitterviewed  #1230KISS…

Shona:  Phew, busy half hour being #Twitterviewed by @1230jackie Now back to work as have a sale on today in Dubai. Air con on, lights on…

Really good fun being #Twitterviewed I just need to learn to type quicker!

Jackie:  LOL – Many thnx again Shan, loved having u, next week 7/6 10.30 am – it could b u – let me know!

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