Snippets from Sian Murphy – 8 November 2013

Sian MurphyJackie:  Come chat with me and Sian Murphy @SianAMurphy #tweetchat

Sian:   Murphy @SianAMurphy

‘Roll up Roll Up; – Only 5 minutes left now until my interview with @1230jackie Follow along, join in #1230kiss 🙂

Sian:   Sian Murphy @SianAMurphy  drum roll please  #1230kiss

Jackie:  RT @SianAMurphy: drum roll please  #1230kiss / drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  that’s a drum case u wondering!

Sian:   Before we start – thanks to @1230jackie The Women’s Company founder for inviting me to chat – a real honor #1230kiss

Jackie:  entirely my pleasure!

Sian:   hang on – just keeping someone tuned into the hashtag

Sian:   OOOooo getting ready for my interview on #1230KISS at 10.30 today.  Tune in with the hashtag to follow along

Jackie:  Big wave to Joanne Irons! *wave*

Jackie:  @IronsJo Hi Jo!!!! #1230kiss / Hi Jo! thnx for joining us

@IronsJo: @1230jackie Hi there, all very new to me  this, but looking forward to seeing what its all about. *wave back* /

Jackie:  Plse tell us something about your biz @sianamurphy

Sian:   Hi – We’re all about bringing the woo woo world of internet marketing to local businesses as online marketing

Jackie:  How do u do that, favourite bit?

Sian:   Fav bit is the one everyone knows about – website development but it’s the least of what we do

It’s about getting a system in place for each client based on them and their target marketing

Wendy Mason @WWisewolf
Rt @SianAMurphy … bringing the woo woo world of internet marketing to local businesses as online marketing

Jackie:  @WWisewolf hi Wendy – thanks for joining us  #1230kiss / Hi Wendy!

Jackie:  yep, know u do tons, all v exciting! Let’s get toughie question out of way, what’s scariest thing u’ve ever done

Sian:   Told my son I had breast cancer

Jackie:  can’t begin to imagine how difficult, but u doing well now?

Sian:   I’m fantastic now – terrifying at the time – but changed my life – amazing experience, more alive then ever before

Jackie:  which biz book r u reading at the mo?

Sian:   Klout Matters – How To Engage Customers – I specialise in experts going online and so thought leadership is key – Klout can help

Jackie:  need to check that one out!  Wot keeps u awake at night with excitement re your biz?

Sian:   I just love designing websites and putting the marketing systems together – they wizz round my head all day

Jackie:  @Local_2_You Hi – welcome – great to connect #1230kiss

Wendy Mason @WWisewolf

@1230KISS @SianAMurphy Hi my first experience of tweetrooms – not convinced about Klout though – it annoys me

Sian:   We have about 10 website projects on the go at one time – so loads going on and all so different

Jackie:  Big WELCOME to “lurkers” plse say Hi!

@WWisewolf I understand – but the principles are great if you’re looking to be an authority online – it’s about balance though

Sian:  Yes, but it’s about interaction rather than adding value, surely #Klout

Jackie:   If u were to start again, wld u do anything differently?

Sian:   It’s about interacting and adding value to lives and businesses – for me anyway.  better plannig and create a clearer vision for the business

Sian:   the vision can be harder when there are more directors and we have three so those need to gel

Jackie:  with 3 directors, which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Sian:   I don’t care as long as they take action and are at cause

Jackie:  so what is success abt for u Sian, is it all abt £ ?

Sian:  I wish it were! We need money to live but my success is a client reaching their objectives – bit naff I know.  I get most pleasure when they didn’t have objectives and we help them get them in place AND deliver them as a partnership

Sian:   I’d be a lot richer if money ticked my boxes as my top value

Jackie:  I don’t think naff – right way to go!

Sian:   absolutely – but it’s what everyone says

Sian:   yes that’s it – I would just hate it to have unhappy clients

Jackie:  something y’d like to promote with us ?

Sian:   Yep – The Web Academy is taking off in Kent – catch my interview on Channel Radio Business Bunker 3 &  new website launching soon as well

Jackie:   ooOOoo exciting!

Jackie:  Last Q coming up, wots best advice u’ve been given?

Sian:   ‘You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going’ @tracyrepchuk

Jackie:  @WWisewolf Thanks for the retweet – much appreciated

Sian:   Wendy  You are welcome – it’s been a great #twitterview – thanks

Jackie:  As we wait for Sian’s last reply – thnx all 4 being there – next #1230KISS is 22/11 with Elaine Wildash.

Sian:   Thanks Jackie – I’ll be sure to tune it to next weeks #twitterview take care – fab WE all

Sian:   Thanks Wendy

Jackie:  thnx Sian so much, hope u’ve enjoyed *wave* to all, have gr8 w/e. Twitterview will b on soon

Sian:   Bye all – thanks to Jackie – see you all soon and Fab Group 1230!! #1230kiss / Mwaaaah! thnx Sian x

RT @IronsJo: @1230jackie @SianAMurphy Thanks very much. Very interesting. / #1230KISS thnx 4 joining us Jo

@TheChatDiary: Twitter is great..But Twitter chats are the future.. #satchatuk“. #1230KISS

Don’t forget – Friday 10.30 am 22 November with Elaine Wildash @webdandy just follow #1230KISS

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