Snippets from Sonia Brown – 27 January

A fabulously sunny morning everyone & warm welcome to Special Guest Sonia Brown – how r u Sonia

Sonia:   Feeling great and ready to be twitterviewed

Jackie:  Good Morning to you Sonia! please share with us about your business

Sonia: I use the forum of strategic networking and effective branding to help women promote business at every level. I put the WOW back into it!

Its a great forum women for women to connect, share and inspire each other to build profitable businesses. It’s serious and fun

We all have our own power team around us, we just don’t take the time to look & appreciate our biggest champions

Sonia:  Times are tough in business, so take time to look back to a time when you were super ridiculously successful and on flow……….

We all have our own power team around us, we just don’t take the time to look & appreciate our biggest champions

What were you doing then (in business) that you are not doing now. Be confident, be decisive, enthusiastic & always bounce back!

Jackie:  g8t advice, what’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Sonia:  be mindful of the company you surround yourself with &.. It’s important to be at the table not outside the door in business

Jackie:  r u a fish and chips kinda gal?

Sonia:  Fish and chips when things are tough & you just need that extra bit of comfo & EFT or NLP aint cutting it

smoked salmon & champagne in full make up while sending out emails!! You got to look, do & be serious in business!

Jackie:  thinking champagne etc, who’d be round your dinner table of positive thinker

Sonia:  Sir Nicholas Montagu, Theresa May, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Truett Tate & India Main Grey and maybe Piers Morgan as the server

Jackie:  an interesting mix indeed! love to be a fly on the wall there!

Sonia:  Don’t make business personal or you’ll always feel down. Ask yourself the right questions for success & you’ll see better results

Jackie:   What about success for you Sonia, is it all about the money?

Sonia:  It’s passion and profits if you get your strategy right. Learn & interact with the best so you’ll be top of your game.

stop the busy-iness & take stock of all the great things you have already & make it work for you instead of searching for the new

Jackie:  excellent point! Thank u so much for your time today Sonia, hope you’ve enjoyed – next week’s #Twitterview is a surprise, so watch this space

Sonia:  Keep up the good work of promoting women in business, we all need a chance to taste personal success in whatever form

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