Snippets from Sonia Thomas – 4 May 2012

Jackie:  Good morning Sonia, everyone panic over as we roll into our #Twitterview with our Fab Guest Sonia Thomas

Sonia:  Hi Jackie – I’m here. How are you

Jackie:  great to have u here Sonia, plse tell us a bit about ur business

@GiftwishLtd  good morning Jenny thnx for joining us – big WELCOME

Jackie:  I’m god thank u, glad we sorted gremlins, anything specially keeping u awak at night with ur business

Jackie:  hello & waves

Sonia:  I give women who are scared of marketing/hate selling a system to take action and get more clients

Jackie:  fab – can u give us quick example without sharing too many secrets

Jackie:  ooopsy I’m GOOD !

Sonia:  Nothing with my biz – usually my 7 year old daughter

Jackie:  LOL, bless,

Sonia:  Freudian slip??

Jackie:  LOL!

Jackie:  what’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given Sonia

Sonia:  It’s your only life, live it well

Jackie:  excellent, good one for us all. What about u, r u beer & skittles or champagne gal?

Jackie:  what’s coming up in ur diary soon to share with us

Sonia:  My free marketing clinics in May and June – just contact me to find out more

Sonia:  Champagne and strawberries but definitely no tennis!

Jackie:  LOL! any sport u like?

Jackie:  which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Sonia:  Entrepreneur – ideas plus enthusiasm = inspiration

Sonia:  Is going to the cinema a sport – if not, no!

Jackie:  last question coming up Sonia, thnx so much for joining us, hope u’ve enjoyed, & all our Followers. Who would u like to be around your table of great thinkers?

Sonia:  Shirin Ebadi, Aung San Suu Kyi, Jasvinder Sanghera, Helen Bamber, just 4 of many courageous women

Jackie:  If you would one other businesswoman, who would u be?

Sonia:  I’d be @karenbrady Karen Brady & give the #gossip on #SirAlanSuga

Jackie:  outstanding! thnx again, enjoy ur w/e everyone – next  10.30 am Fri 11 May, look 4ward seeing u all

Sonia:  Thnx Jackie – it’s been fun!

Jackie:  gr8t, glad u enjoyed – have gr8t w/e

@getyourclients thank you great fun

Jackie:  thnx Jenny for joining us

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