Snippets from Star Monroe – 23 May 2014

Goddess_Star_Monroe_pole_dancer_portraitJackie:  Good morning Star @starmonroe – how r u today, see u’ve been busy Yoga, etc Plse share with us info re your biz

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Im all about superstar personal transformation I teach 40+ women how to get their sparkle & wonderment back about life

Jackie:  Brilliant! If u were to start over again, wld u do anything differently?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  I’ve learnt so much from my past mistakes 😉 The biggest u cant do it on your own. Ask for help & get an awesome team Jackie:  So what’s currently keeping u awake with excitement re your biz?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  That my biz can only grow as much as I grow and WOW have grown and transformed so much in the past 2 years

Jackie:  And success for you.. Is it all about £ or ?

Goddess:  Success is about living true to my souls purpose <3 and then the money will come

Jackie:  & your greatest challenge has been?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  To learn how to get out of my own way! Im a zero selfsabotage zone baby!!

Jackie:  Do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Goddess Star-Monroe:   Im currently rebranding, to keep up to date join my exclusive inner circle

Jackie:  Zipping along here today – great!

Goddess Star-Monroe:  LOVE IT!!

Jackie:  That looks gr8 – check it out everyone! Goddess Star:  Awww thank you Jackie 🙂

Jackie:  OK, so r u a champagne or beer n skittles kinda gal?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Ha ha!! Neither, after years of serious partying I am one clean living gal now!!

Jackie:  bet u feel all the better for it too! What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  letting go of the old beliefs of who I thought I was and stepping into who I really am

Jackie:  What would your biz epitaph say..

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Star gave women the permission to SHINE & live out their best, most wondrous version of themselves. AMEN

Jackie:  Last question coming up.. who would u like around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Sue Bryce, Lisa Vanderpump, Camilla Franks, Diana Von Furstenberg, Oprah, Sophia Loren

Jackie:  fascinating mix! this morning has flown by – thnx so much Star – hope u’ve enjoyed.

Next week my Guest is Sarah Arrow so join us then for more fascinating insights to my Wonderful Guests – have gr8 w/e thnx again Star – loved having u, enjoy rest of day x

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