Snippets from Sue Atkins – 9 September 2011

Sue AtkinsJackie:  Good morning everyone & a v warm welcome to special guest @SueAtkins, how r u Sue?

Sue:  Gr8 ! 🙂 Thanks for inviting me!

Jackie:  Sue wld u like to tell us something about yr business..

Sue:  I am a Parenting Expert, Speaker, Broadcaster & Amazon bestselling Author of “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” and I run workshops and teleseminars and give talks

Jackie: anyone any Qs 4 Sue?

Ali – @costawomen: Thoughts on teaching the R word “respect” within families?

 Sue: Aah respect the key energy of every happy family!

Sue: Listen more than you speaK IS A GOOD ONE FOR RESPECT

Ali – @costawomen: Listen more than you speaK IS A GOOD ONE FOR RESPECT  // 2 ears and 1 mouth 😉

Jackie:  I suspect I know the answer here, but r u a trainers or stiletto Gal!

 Sue:  AAh Stilettos of course – bright red and gorgeous!

Jackie:  what about success for you Sue, is it all about the money?

 Sue: Certainly not – for me it’s about giving back, making a difference and transforming lives and leaving a legacy. But money is important to pay bills!

Jackie:  Sue I know yr always busy, but did “disruptions” make any difference?

Sue:  Yes – I was interviewed a gr8 deal about “Positive Parenting ” and what makes a gr8 parent after the riots

 Jackie:  soooo, what keeps u awake at night with excitement re yr business?

 Sue: Making a difference in the lives of families through my writing, speaking or 1-2-1 or group coaching session – I just LOVE what I do

Jackie:  what g8t thinkers wld u like around your dining table?

Sue: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Chris Evans, Michael McIntyre, Stephen Fry, Pamela Stevenson

Jackie:  WooooW! an interesting/electric mix there!

Sue:  Oooh yessss …… just think of the energy and conversations!

Jackie:  last Q Sue plse – anything you’d like to promote with us now?

Sue:  The Business Owner’s Family Survival Toolkit which is bursting with tools , tips and practical ideas for balancing being an entrepreneur with having a family BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE AND HAVE IT ALL ! 🙂

Jackie:   that sounds like a “must have” for everyone! thnx so much for sharing with us today Sue, next week we’re joined by @lisemoen – thnx all 4 joining us, have g8t w/e, c u next week & thnx again Sue

Sue: THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME ! Have a lovely weekend everyone ! 🙂

Look forward to “seeing “you all next week – Friday 16 September 10.30 am – Lisa Moen

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