Snippets from Susan Popoola – 21 March 2014

Susan_popoolaJackie:  Good morning Susan @susanpopoola: – everyone! how r u today Susan?

Susan:   Good morning Jackie: and everyone else at #1230KISS

Jackie:  Glorious day! plse tell us abt your biz Susan:

Susan:  Conning Towers is a Human Resources Strategy organisation aimed at getting the most out of resources.

Jackie:  do u have a web site url for peeps, Susan:?

Susan:  The url for my website is

Jackie:  Excellent! so any time for reading business books?

Susan:  It’s not always easy, but I try to fit a bit in. currently reading Margaret Heffernan’s new book “A Bigger Price”

Having read Margaret Heffernan’s Wilfull Blindness it’s a must read for me

Jackie:  sounds interesting & one to add to my list. What’s been the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Susan:  Scariest thing – Risked relationships by telling difficult truths

Jackie:  oooo hope it worked out ok. What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Susan:  I’ve done it a few times and in the long run – it works out! 🙂

Best Advice – Just Do IT! (I’m known to overthink things & at times think myself out of doing things)

Jackie:  given that these are scary, what’s success abt 4 u – is it all abt £

Susan:  Having a positive impact, bringing clarity, bringing out the value in things & especially people – money is the icing

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Susan:  Lol! Cider – though out of the two I’ll go for the champagne 🙂

Jackie:  is there something u’d like to promote for our viewers *wave* Susan:

Susan:  Thk you. I love young pp & have a very specific focus on them and what they offer to organisations..

Therefore – My review to help organisations effectively Employ & Engage Young People. (Did a workshop on this recently)

Jackie:  I believe u have a Review, can u share the url with us?

Susan:  If people contact me via the website I will be able to provide specific details on the young pp review

Jackie:  gr8! last question coming up – that’s gone quickly this morning!

Where would u b on a rainy day for your biz?

Susan:  Time has indeed flown by 🙂 They say it’s what happens when you’re having fun! 😉

Next book is around the skills that we need at all levels for the 21st century. working title – Revaluation of a Working People

Jackie:  So u heard it hear first folks – title of Susan’s next book!! Thnx so much for your time Susan:, hope u enjoyed….

Susan:  Thank you Jackie: – I really and truly enjoyed. I hope everyone else did too!


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