Snippets from Sylvia Tidy-Harris @sylviatidyharris – 19 August 2011

@HilaryDevey:  my agent Sylvia is doing a Twitterview at 10.30am with @SylviaTidyHarri is today’s #interview !!

Jackie:  Good morning Sylvia – thnx so much for joining us this morning especially last min. plse tell us something about your business

Sylvia: I run 3 speaker bureaus inc – 1st women only speaker bureau outside of the USA & Canada

Jackie: yes u have wonderful client base – congratulations! r u a beer & skittles gal, or champagne?

Sylvia: neither – I’m a wine girl so I like a nice glass of Chablis or Puligny Montrachet – Pol Roger Champers is rather nice tho

Jackie: aha! so nicely chilled 4 u! what about success 4 u Sylvia – is it all about money?

Sylvia: Pretty much – why set up a business for any other reason but to sell on too – it’s not a hobby

Jackie: I remember somethings u wrote/spoke about that a while ago…

Sylvia: I used to write the viewpoint column for the Daily Telegraph and used to say a lot about business and what got my goat

Jackie: I notice that the wonderful @hilarydevey is in yr stable, how exciting is that?

Sylvia:  @HilaryDevey is doing so well and we are very proud of her as we are all our other super dooper clients

Jackie: so Hi to all our “listeners” – any Qs for Sylvia?

@jackiewalker: does @sylviatidyharris have special requirements before she engages speakers into her fold?

Sylvia: we are deluged with speaker applications every week and turn most away – we need a taster tape and testimonials

Jackie: is there something you’d like to promote with us today Sylvia?

Sylvia:  we provide speakers and hosts to events around the world and operate ethically and transparently

Jackie: something to be v proud of Sylvia. What gr8t thinkers wld u have around yr dining table?

Sylvia: alive Bill Clinton, Queen Elisabeth ll Clint Eastwood Buzz Aldrin and my father @BillTidy – dead Nancy Wake, Edith Piaf, Ghandi, Wallace Simpson and Abraham Lincoln

Jackie: Wow! have met yr father, he’s lovely, not the Queen yet! So last Q coming up Sylvia – what’s best advice u’ve been given? or advice u’d like to give?

Sylvia: Always look confident even when you don’t feel it and learn the art of when to run and when not too

Jackie: Excellent! thnx SO MUCH 4 yr time today Sylvia – hope u’ve enjoyed. thnx everyone – c u same time same place nxt wk – Friday 26 August, 10.30 am

@HilaryDevey: Have a lovely weekend everyone – hope the sun keeps shining and looking forward to your tweets about #dragonsden on…

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