Snippets from Tamara Baranova – 29 June 2012

Jackie:  Join us to find out more about our #Twitterview guest @tamarabaranova our #1230TWC #Cambridge Host

Tamara:  All set and ready for the #1230KISS here. How are you @1230jackie today?

Jackie:  Good morning everyone, sorry for the delay, slight techno… but ready to go!

Jackie:  Special sunny morning everyone especially special guest @tamarabaranova – how r u Tamara?

Tamara:  I’m great thanks. productive morning helping out clients with WordPress websites!

Jackie:  Great stuff, really looking forward to you launching #1230TWC #CAMBRIDGE with us 13 September, plse tell us about about your business Tamara

Tamara:   I help small business owners grow their business by delivering effective online marketing mentoring, support and training

Jackie:  you’ll be v busy with such a useful biz… what’s the most rewarding part of that?

Tamara:  helping entrepreneurs really grow their business by using an effective online marketing strategy, in only 6 months!

Jackie:  wow! that’s going some – what business books r u reading at the moment?

Tamara:  re-reading Permission Marketing by @seth & Ultimate Marketing Plan – D. Kennedy. v useful when shaping a marketing plan!

I believe that continuous learning is important for all – the real world doesn’t stay still so we need to keep pace

Jackie:  do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Tamara:  I’ve just launched FREE eCourse “7 Steps to Online Marketing Mastery”: you can get it via website

Jackie:  What’s success all about for u Tamara, is it all about the money?

Tamara:  Personal fulfilment, achievement, professional development, enjoying what I do, flexibility, choice, reward.

Jackie:  What keeps u awake with excitement about your biz?

Tamara:  Winning new large projects & contracts, good feedback, launching new products as part of our Virtual Marketing Academy

Jackie:  on a slightly lighter note for the last question – r u a fish n chips or smoked salmon gal?

Jackie:  big *wave* to @dalzieles @WPDesignGenies & other “viewers” thank u for joining us

Tamara:  Fish & chips for sure. Although being from Russia I’m meant to love smoked salmon, caviar and stuff like that… LOL

Jackie:  thank u for joining us Tamara & all our viewers, hope you’ve enjoyed it, same time same place next week..

Tamara:  wow that went quick!! yes it was different & fun 🙂 #

Jackie:  lol! yes it does…glad u enjoyed it, we had fun too, look forward 2 speaking again soon & and have a gr8 weekend everyone, don’t forget – 10.30 am 6/7, thnx

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