Snippets from Tamsen Garrie – 15 March 2013

TamsenGarrieJackie:  How r u Tamsen, plse tell us something about your business

Tamsen:  Thank you @1230Jackie – great to be here! / entirely our pleasure!

Tamsen:  We are all about enabling business owners to achieve the results they want by providing a simple and proven process…

Jackie:  sounds essential, so what keeps u awake at night with excitement re your business, guess there’s lots?

Tamsen:  Great question! The endless possibilities… and prioritising them! lol..

Jackie:  if u were to start again, would u do anything differently?

Tamsen:  I would say ‘no’ as I don’t believe in regret…but…. the truth is of course, that if I’d known in my 20’s what I now know, I’d have used the knowledge earlier!

Jackie:  S oooo the benefit of hindsight! so, do u have anything u’d like to specially let our “viewers know about?

Tamsen:  My book ‘The Act Of Attraction In Business’

Tamsen:  My book ‘The Act … is great tool for creating more success in your business..

Jackie:  comes highly recommended, must buy!! little about u, how do u like to spend your ideal Sunday?

Tamsen:  I LOVE Sundays! Country drive, nice Sunday lunch, glass of Merlot, afternoon nap :-)… OR ..working on something I really want to get my teeth into.. Sunday working has a different energy…

Jackie:  I agree, different days, v different energies… Who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Tamsen:  Definitely my team! They are all positive thinkers and amazing people:

@nickhutt @chasjordan51 @alihollands @turnaroundtim @inspiredto_ @lianneobrien @jigsawbusserv

It’s so important to have positive and supportive people around you in business..

And of course, I’d have you at dinner too Jackie! 🙂   awww, Thank You!

Jackie:  well, I can definitely vouch for 2 of them! what’s best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Tamsen:  Ooh, I love that question! ‘Always go with your gut feeling – you will never be wrong.  That’s what it’s there for… and we so often ignore it..

Jackie:  that’s soo true, but it’s easy to ignore

Thank u so much for joining us today, hope you’ve enjoyed….

Tamsen:  I’ve enjoyed it, thank you Jackie…

Jackie:  Thanks for RT Angus xRT @AngusGrady:

Tamsen:  @GracieBows Thanks for the RT – and for watching!

Jackie:  thnx again Tamsen, everyone… have a wonderful w/e – see u all same time same place next week with @DeborahJones

Tamsen:  @TamsenGarrie: @GracieBows Thanks for the RT – and for watching!  & @AngusGrady: for joining us / Pleasure!

Jackie:  if u missed any of the conversation, catch up later on &

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