Snippets from Tanya Rennick – 25 May 2012

Jackie:  A fabulously glorious morning with Tanya @oysterclub -Good morning Tanya, everyone – how r u Tanya?

Tanya:  I am very well thank you, how are you?

Tanya: loving this weather! It’s wonderful

Jackie:  all good thnx, new one on me, what’s #toc?

Tanya: The Oyster Club!!

Jackie:  plse tel us something about your business Tanya, what is The Oyster Club?

Tanya: is a business and social network with fabulous events in central London. Some drop in membership

Jackie:  What inspired u to start this?

Tanya: Most networking groups were too prescriptive and not luxurious enough.

They also didn’t cater for professionals at director level or CEOs.

Jackie:  Suspect I know the answer to this, wld u say u r a stilettos or trainers gal?

Tanya: I will be buried in heels… but I love to HIKE! sh, I take them off then.

Jackie:  BRILLIANT! so on your business epitaph, what would it say?

Tanya: No RULES No Badges No Pitching. She did it her Way & they LOVED it

Jackie:  Indeed they do! which quality do u prefer to work with entrepreneur or maverick

Tanya: Well I would say I am a little of both. Mavericks are more exciting tho!

Jackie:  Please share with us something u’ve never shared before, we won’t tell a soul 😉

Tanya: I cannot ride a bicycle

Jackie:  Wooohoooo spooky, neither can I! Last question coming up Tanya, thank u so much for u’re time, I hope u’ve enjoyed….

Jackie:  What’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given?

Tanya: I really have very much enjoyed it, thank you for having me!

Tanya: Before entering a room at an event; EVERYONE is just as scared as you!

Jackie:  Excellent point, & so true! Thnx again Tanya, have a fab w/e everyone, next week.

Jackie:  next week our guest is Debbie Hunt @Lexusfleetsouth – see u then!

Tanya: You are so very welcome, thank you for having me. Have a great weekend!

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