Snippets from Helen Hooper – 22 July 2011

Jackie: Good morning #1230KISS ers, a very warm welcome to our 1st @costawomen @helenhooper “calling” from Portugal – how r u Helen?

Helen: #1230 good morning Jackie, I’m good thanks, great to talk with you

KnitshopLeGreen: Good Morning everyone!

Jackie: Good morning Julieta, good to have u onboard!

PaolaBagnall: good morning. Sun shining in Purley UK

Jackie: Wow! this is great great to have you “listening” Paola! yr turn soon!

Jackie:  could u plse tell us something about yr business Helen

Helen: yes I provide health and fitness advice for women over 40 – how to feel fit and fabulous

Jackie: would u say yr a beer & skittles or champagne type of Girl? #1230kiss

Helen: champagne but a cold beer in the sun is good too!

Jackie: LOL! sounds perfect! what keeps u awake with excitement re yr business?

Helen: nothing much keeps me awake – lol but I’m always excited to start the day and work with varied people.

Jackie: good way to be, my Dad always used to say I could sleep on a clothes line!

Helen: Good diet and exercise = good sleep!!

Jackie: How does success work for u Helen? is it all about money? or….

Helen: not at all, success is living an authentic life and being in the flow. Creating, loving and being happy

Jackie: a wise one to share with our “listeners”

Helen: well life is always so much easier when you are coming from a good place within. No struggles just calm

Jackie: I’m sure u help yr clients achieve that… I believe yr travelling at the moment….

Helen: yep, me, hubby, our two cats and a caravan. We are having such fun and the weather is fab!!

Jackie: last Q coming up Helen – which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Helen: both, variety is the spice of life and it sure does help to keep things interesting!!

Jackie: so true!!

PaolaBagnall: Good to join you today and now I must go. Have a great day. Good to listen in!

thnx Paola – u too!

Jackie: Great chat with @thefitoption – Thanks so much Helen, I’ve enjoyed – havve a g8t day

Jackie: 29/7/11 Guest is @nikkipilkington, c u all then! & thnx again H

Helen:  life is too short to keep doing the same thing so gotta mix it up. Thanks @1230jackie that was fun!

Helenthefitoption See my twitterview with @1230jackie at #1230kiss – great chat and lots of fun. Thanks Jackie and Ali @costawomen for setting it up

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