Snippets from Theresa Webb – 26 July 2013

TheresaWebbJackie:   @kitchenbuddy  @TheresaWebb   ‘morning Theresa, gr8 to have u here as our guest.

Welcome everyone! Theresa, plse tell us something about your biz

@wwisewolf:  come & join us with yr questions…

Jackie:  Thnx Wendy, glad u could join us

Theresa:  I am the founder, workshop leader, and Nutritionist at Kitchen Buddy Raw Chocolatier and Yoga Teacher

Jackie:  mmm that sounds an interesting combination! love yoga sessions

… & the chocs! wots the best advice you’ve been given?

Jackie:  anyone do u have any questions/observations for Theresa?

Theresa:  to set a good example, do my best and plan for months ahead; from my family

Jackie:  sound advice! Do u have something you’d like to promote with us today?

Theresa:  Festival of Life, Sat 14th Sept, Conway Hall, Holborn. – food, gardening, ecoenvironmental

stalls+ live music bands dance in eve. My friends’ bands are all performing and my workshop will be during the day

body self-awareness respecting, loving and enjoying the movement and stillness.

to hear one’s own inner wisdom, a voice, communication of truth

Jackie:  thanks – sounds good

Theresa:  Thank you for joining us Wendy. I hope to see you there someday.

Jackie:  What is success all about for u Theresa – is it just £?

Theresa:  5050 rewarding work – patientclient recovery and also achieving my aimsgoals + tangible things.

Jackie:  Which quality do u prefer to work with – maverick or entrepreneur?

Theresa:  Both

Jackie:  When did u start to network for u’re biz & how has #1230TWC been successful for u?

Theresa:  2003 with Find Your Voice, a north London group, before Lewisham, then 1230 TWC Blackheath

Jackie:  sounds ideal – last question coming up

Jackie:  thnx so much for joining us Theresa, hope u’ve enjoyed… who wld u have around u’r table of positive thinkers?

Theresa:  meeting superb, delightful, inspiring business women. New customers and developed my yoga to aim at a retreat.

Theresa:  Polly Higgins (UN Lawyer customer) Mac frm Embercombe, Turkish land owner Atilla, Prince Charles & Caroline Lucas

I am a bit like Dame Anita Roddick – her talk struck me hugely & I’ve found myself drawn into wonderful projects

same essence as Dame Anita Roddick – I heard her speak & I use my skills and find myself drawn into great projects

Jackie:  …. next wk, same time, same place is @EvaSnijders based in #Madrid

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