Snippets from Tina Jonasen – 2 September 2011

Tina:  @ThinkInNewAreas: Finding great things / #Blogs is easy: use # on #TweetDeck or #Hootsuit + the MUST HAVE TOOL: #My6Sense

Jackie: @ThinkInNewAreas #1230KISS did u see Dinah’s last Q – u participate & share so well. Can you share some tip…

Tina:  @thinkinnewareas: #1230KISS online #timemanagement: Dont read emails (statusupdates) in morning -but then I wldnt hav known about this…

@plewsgardendesign  @thinkinnewareas: #1230KISS online #timemanagement: Dont read emails (statusupdates) in morning –  but then I wldnt hav known about this…

Tina:  Another challenge is to get paid for what I do 🙁 Many people become very egoistic in times of #recession! Remember……..

Jackie:  understand all round, tough times!

Tina:…. We are ALL in the same boat!! If you do not pay your providers – whos there to provide for you ??

Jackie:  absolutely! need to keep sight of that. What about u Tina, r u a fish n chips or smoked salmon Gal?

Tina:  Smoked Salmon for sure 😉

Tina:  I’m a “salmon girl”, not because I’m snobbish – but because I want it all 😉 Why “settle” :-0) Aim for the stars girls!!!

Tina:  you can read things like this in the morning, if its part of your day plan 😉 = getting things done before new news!!

Jackie: g8t tips there on time management

@plewsgardendesign:  re status updates: Relief! so 1 coffee’s worth only…& no getting distracted (bookmark for later?)


Jackie:  bookmark? wld u like to expand, in 140 characters!! 🙂

Tina: If you bookmark stuff it´ll clutter up your brains! If something CAN be done straight away (within 2 mins or so) GET IT DONE!!

@plewsgardendesign:  Bookmark: I see it as something to look at in list2 ie cld be useful but not urgent

Tina:  When #bookmarking you just postpone = add to your #stress, and often never get around to read it anyway……

Tina: @ThinkInNewAreas: #1230KISS If you feel short of time its because you do not #network right – share the #time spent with your #peers WINNING BY SHARING

Jackie: on the financial note, what’s success about for u, is it all about money?

Tina:  NOPE: its all about time

Quality Time that is!! + on second note: Time IS Money 😉 We are all short of time in these Digital Times – so #NETWORK FOR IT..

#network so important, on-line & off-line – linking the 2 is VERY IMPORTANT !!!

Jackie: – what’s been one of yr greatest challenges Tina?

Tina:  Teaching school teachers #DigitalMindset to understand the #children online

Jackie – g8t advice! last Q coming up Tina

Jackie: something you’d like to promote with us Tina?

Tina:  My #blog (temp after a #hacking 🙁 where I share most of my knowledge

Jackie: some g8t advice /observations Tina thank u so much for sharing with us – next week….

Tina:  One sec, just looking up a great blog to share with u on this last topic   #productivity #tips

Special groups for tips tricks and tools; On #Twitter On #FAceBook tools

Jackie:  Many thanks…food for thought & things to do – or not…:-} hav a good weekend

Jackie :  thnx so much Tina


Jackie:  “viewers” – next week same time same place is @sueatkins, so have Qs ready – g8t w/e”

Friday 9 September 10.30 am – Sue Atkins – see you there with all your Questions!

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  1. Tina Jonasen (@ThinkInNewAreas)
    September 16, 2011 at 8:14 am (12 years ago)

    Thank you very much Jackie – It was a great Twitterview which I was honored to be invited too (just too short – but guess thats just me when getting started 😉


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