Snippets from Valerie Dwyer – 6 June 2014

Valerie_DwyerJackie:   Good morning Valerie and how are you this glorious day?

Do u have techno gremlins this morning?

Valerie:  @valeriedwyer  TRUE! techno gremlins – the wires obviously buzzing

Jackie:  O dear, let’s hope they admit defeat!

Valerie:  They WILL!

Jackie:  gr8 plse share with us details of your biz

Valerie:  Serial Entrepreneur Coach & Mentor ple 2 their ideal life&bIZ wth VitalVision™ & StrategicRightAction™

Jackie:  that’s powerful stuff – how long have you been in biz?

Valerie:  20+ years with ten enterprises under my belt and always looking for new challenge that helps people achieve potential

Jackie:  Which biz book are you currently reading?

Valerie:  Just finished ‘Money Bondage’,Sophie Bennett, Money Mindset changer. My 5* Best Book 2014. Everywoman should have one

Jackie:  If u were to start over again, what if anything would u do differently?

Valerie:  Not change a thing. Had amazing life, met mny wonderful people, overcome many challenges,learned many valuable lessons

Jackie:  That’s gr8 to hear. Life = huge learning curve. What’s the best piece of advice u’d like to pass on?

Valerie:  BELIEVE in your and Vision COURAGE, we’re always just a hair’s breadth away from opportunity & success – keep at it!

Jackie:  Building on that, on your biz epitaph, what would it say?

Valerie:  One hell of a determined, positive, perceptive, generous and Wonderful woman

Jackie:  Soooo are u a smoke salmon or fish n chips kinda gal?

Valerie:  Both, but smoked salmon more often because it is good for my health as well as being mmmmmmmm tasty!

Jackie:  You can’t get better than that! What’s the scariest thng you’ve ever done?

Valerie:  Oh Decisions!! So MANY, many! Speaking at first major conference up there with surviving fall from three storey house!

Jackie:  Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Valerie:  Dr Wayne W Dyer, Jack Mindstore, Oprah, Norman V Peale, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Sophie Bennett, Paul McKenna

Jackie:  Good enough for me! Last question coming up… Do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Valerie:  My co-authr book ‘Women Power: Success Strategies 4Female Leadership’ out August, USA. Now publisher wants my own book!

Jackie:  Exciting! – Watch this space folks!

Thanks so much for your time Valerie, hope u’ve enjoyed – big *wave* to all – have a gr8 w/e

Valerie:  Thank You! It’s been fun!

Jackie:  Next week, same time, same place, my Special Guest is Angela Morris @angiestrategy See u all then x

Valerie:  Thank You Jackie for amazing twitterview, RT’S, Favs, mentions. Have a FAB twitterview Friday 13th

Jackie:  .@ladymensah  Looking forward to your turn soon Lily – have fab day x

Jackie:  Glad u’ve enjoyed – we defeated gremlins!

Valerie:  True, don’t you just love a challenge, that’s what makes us grow../ DEFINITELY!

Valerie:  Thank You Jackie and Lily. #appreciate #believe #courage #entrepreneur #leadership #Vision #1230KISS 🙂

Jackie:  gr8 hashtags Valerie – thnx

Valerie:  Thanks for your #positive comment on the hashtags. Off now to change the world real time!


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