Snippets from Vicki Raven – 20 December 2013

VickiRavenJackie:  sitting comfortably? with 1230TWC Host @vickiatkeston Vicki Raven Beckenham & West Wickham 

Vicki:   yes thankyou = raring to go!

Jackie:  ‘morning, Vicki, would u plse tell us something abt your business?

Vicki:   Children & parents come to see me when they are missing out on things due to chronic illness 

Jackie:  so how r u able to help them eg

Vicki:   I help them with communication, steps towards a dream, skills for coping with probs, anxiety, sleep probs

Vicki:   @Kentideas morning Hilary

Jackie:  Invaluable. so if u were to start over again, wld u do anything differently?

Vicki:   get help quicker on identifying what I love and am good at so waste less time messing about!

Jackie:  on a similar note, what’s been your greatest challenge

Vicki:   believing that what I am good at is a fantastic business idea and is valuable to families

Jackie:  I believe u have fab offer u’d like to tell us abt?

Vicki:   yes! If you are a worried parent I’d love to offer you a complimentary session with me (£60 4 free!)

Jackie:  Wow! that’s fantastic! #parents #children #Christmas #1230KISS Thanks for that. How do peeps get the offer?

Vicki:  contact page and just send me a message or

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of gal

Vicki:   oh most definitely champagne

Jackie:  Is success all abt the £ for u Vicki?

Vicki:   just the opposite. My reward is seeing my clients happy and flourishing. It’s a true joy

Jackie:  If u could live anywhere else, where would it be? #1230KISS

Vicki:   Go Ape!  By the sea. I love the clean air

Jackie:  & as we finish up, what’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given

Vicki:   Live your life, never regret anything – from my gorgeous Dad x #1230kiss/ gr8 note to end on, thnx Vicki

Vicki:   thnx Jackie. Good fun. Hope the offer is valuable to worried parents out there. I can help them xxx

Jackie:  Thnx Vicki, Hilary, All for joining us, hope u’ve enjoyed – have a FAB Christmas, see u next on 10/1 with  Christine Collen @cjcollen

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