Snippets from Wendy Mason @wwisewolf – 17 June 2011

Jackie:  #1230KISS Good morning everyone, and a very special welcome to our Twitterview Guest this morning – Wendy Mason @WWisewolf

 Jackie: good morning Wendy, hope all’s well with you, could we begin with your telling us a bit about your business.

 Wendy: coach, blog and consult on change – transitions – business, organisations, career and life

 Jackie: bit about you Wendy, are you a smoked salmon of fish n chips kind of gal?

 Wendy: I love Salmon but I’m, afraid fish and chips wins

Jackie:  Good for you! ….which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Wendy:  Entrepreneur every time – I’m the maverick

Jackie:  interesting! so as a maverick what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Wendy:  Accept yourself and don’t expect to be perfect – we all make mistakes

Jackie:  Great piece of advice we can all take on board, thank you for sharing that…

Jackie: Wendy, what’s been your greatest challenge, whether business or personal?

Wendy: Overcoming a lack of confidence and really beginning to believe in my own gift!

Jackie: I would never have guessed that, you certainly exude warmth and expertise….

Wendy: confidence for me came with age and a lot of quite tough life experience

Jackie:  what about success for you, is it about money, or? ….

Wendy:  Success for me is about fulfilling my own potential and having the freedom to make choices

 Jackie:  well put, I like that.  Last question coming up Wendy – what keeps you awake at night with your business?

Wendy:  thinking of new ways to deal with some of the problems that get raised plus the excitement of reaching out to people

Jackie:   next week’s guest is Jane Kenyon @divadomrocks – look forward to you joining us then – great w/e everyone and huge  thanks again Wendy

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