Snippets from Yuliana Topazly – 21 November 2014

Yuliana_Topazly_smlJackie:  @MyOutSpace @1230KISS #1230KISS  An excelent morning everyone & to my special guest Yuliana, how are u tday?

Yuliana:  very well, thank you, Jackie! and thank you for the opportunity to be part of #1230KISS

Jackie:  Plse tell everyone abt ur amazing biz

Yuliana:  @MyOutSpace is a first of its kind family-friendly Business Centre based in the heart of Croydon

Jackie:  Wld u like to expand on that? who r ur clients?

Yuliana:  we tailored to parents who have great business ideas but cannot afford workspace and childcare

Jackie:  what keeps u awake & night re your biz with excitement

Yuliana:  childcare is a big issue and we meet a lot of mumpreneurs who struggle to move their businesses forward.

And of course when we about to secure our own contracts with local authorities, universities or other support agency

Jackie:  Gr8 idea with more Mums coming back to work. If u were 2 start again, wld u do anything differently?

Yuliana:  I will start earlier and will not be afraid to grow…getting physical premises quicker

Jackie:  So which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Yuliana:  entrepreneur

Yuliana:  but if you do not take a #risk – you do not move forward

Jackie:  When did u start networking & how has #1230TWC been successful 4 u?

Yuliana:  networked when at the university supporting other students with their a good way:)  and of course running your own business is all about networking. @1230 has been amazing for us

Jackie:  R u a champagne or beer n skittles type of gal?

Yuliana:  I think Champagne:) you got to work hard but also play hard and have quality time with your family

Jackie:  Last question coming up Yuliana – hope u’ve enjoyed your time with us – been lovely to have u as guest

What’s the best piece of advice u’d like to share?

Yuliana:  business like having a baby..there is never a right time to start a business. Take that first step!

gaining advice is also very important but do not  get lost in too much advice – Take Action! Make It Happen!

Jackie:  winner! go 4 it #mums out there! OK – time to say byeee…

Yuliana:  Thank you for having me, it has been great! I hope #1230KISS has been useful for our followers this morning:)

Jackie:  My pleasure! speak soon x

Jackie:  Thank u Yuliana, Wendy, everyone 4 joining us – c u same  time, same place soon – have gr8 w/e all x

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