Snippets from Zoe Cairns – 14 June 2013

ZoeCairnsJackie:  Welcome @Zoe_cairns, lovely to have u as our guest, how r u?

Zoe:  I am well thank you, You?

It was great to be asked to come and chat with you all

Jackie:  Please tell us something about your business

Zoe:  I help local businesses with their online marketing specifically #socialmedia

Jackie:  is there something you’d like to promote with us today

Zoe:  I would love to tell people about my #zcsocialmedia academy

We are launching the #zcsocialmedia academy in #tunbridgewells 

Jackie:  any time for books/biz books?

Zoe:  Yes love reading business books. I love @bobburg books “The Go Giver” #gogiver

Hi Tina, the best social media vehicle (tool) in my opinion is #sproutsocial

It shows all analytics, progress etc. And most importantly considers your #socialmediastrategy

Love questions, challenging ones too! Ask away…

Biggest tip when starting your #socialmedia journey is to make sure you have a #socialmediastrategy

@TinaKempWPA What industry are you in Tina?

A great tool I found yesterday was #dubbler been telling everyone about it #socialmedia #audioblog

It is a tool that will record 60 secs of audio – this could be a tip or content that can then be uploaded…

Uploaded to google +, FB and twitter! Brilliant tool! #dubbler

Jackie:  what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given

Zoe:  Best advice I have ever been given is to always take “BIG ACTION”

Jackie:  and what’s success about for u – is it all about £££

Zoe:  Success is about helping people, and getting to spend more time with my family. Making people happy

Jackie:  Would u say you’re a champagne or beer & skittles type of gal

Zoe:  A champagne girl lol! But every now and again love a #vino and skittles lol!

Jackie:  who would you prefer to work with entrepreneur or maverick

Zoe:  Entrepreneur Jackie!

Jackie:  who would u like around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Zoe:  I would love to have dinner with @RayWinstone and @KarrenBrady A combination but my fav people!

Zoe:  Definately @Karrenbrady

Jackie:  thnx so much for your time Zoe, hope you’ve enjoyed.

Zoe:  It was lovely to be asked to be a guest thank you Jackie

Jackie:  see you all next Fri 10.30 am with @tinakempWPA

Jackie:  You’re most welcome!

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