Snippets from Beverley Webb @beautifulbras – 12 August 2011

Jackie: Good morning everyone & especially Twitterviewee Bev Webb of @BeautifulBras – how r u today Bev?

Beverley: Feeling good but slightly nervous as this is my first twitter interview :0)

Jackie: lol! we’ll be gentle! plse tell us about yr business Bev

Beverley: Beautiful Bosom offers unique bra fitting consultation and we source bras for each ladies specific requirements & give choice :0)

Jackie: sounds perfect to keep us all in shape, what about u Bev r u a Beer & skittles or champagne girl?

Beverley: beer upsets my tummy!!

Jackie: lol! good enough for me! what keeps u awake at night with excitement re yr business?

Jackie: – big *wave* to @costawomen #spain

@costawomen: And to you guys, Need beautiful bras in Spain!

@moonpoppy: *wave* loving your conversation this morn!

Beverley: Being innovative when requiring special adjustments on bras…. I am a tech geek for how to make it work for each individual :0)

Jackie: sounds like an exceptional personal service. What about success for u Bev? is it all about money?

Beverley: Money gives you choices & cashflow! My best reward is turning a passion into success for many women who do not always have choice

Jackie: can u expand a bit on the last part there plse Bev, why no choice?

Beverley: Having a larger cup can limit your choice & after surgery. It’s not easy to find bras on the high street to support everyone’s needs

Beverley: one of my clients is a 36HH and wears a prosthetic – she now has the choice of white, black, pink, leopard print etc & good support

Jackie: fabulous! bet that lady loves you!

Beverley: She is a regular customer and found us initially on ebay!! :0)

Jackie: thnk u 4 explaining. now last Q coming up, & thnx so much for joining us Bev, hope you’ve enjoyed… what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Beverley: Always trust your instinct; be truthful to yourself and others. And lastly never fear making a mistake.. that’s how we learn :0)

Jackie: whilst we’re waiting on airwaves to catch up with us, thnx all for “viewing” next week is @suestockdale first woman to walk to the North Pole

Jackie: thnx so much Bev – have a g8t w/e everyone, same time, same place – Fri 10.30 am

Beverley: Thank You Jackie and glad to share some good news to end this week. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy any sunshine :0)

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