Snippets from Tina Kemp – 21 June 2013

TinaKempJackie:  Morning Tina @tinakempwpa  how r u today? so glad to have u as our guest

Tina:  Morning Jackie, very well thanks and thanks for the invite!

Jackie:  Tina, plse tell us something about your business

Tina:  I help put people into hospital – but only private hospitals of their choice when they need the best treatment

Jackie:  LOL! glad u added about “private hospitals”!

Jackie:  what keeps u awake at night with excitement about ure biz?

Tina:  Getting up at 5 am yesterday to present to employees of a prestigious new London based Customer!

Jackie:  Entrepreneur or maverick. which do u prefer to work with?

Tina:  Entrepreneur though I have always loved life’s characters

Jackie:  if u were to be one biz woman for a day – who would u b?

Tina:  It would be the Queen – she represents us magnificently and is dignified throughout

Jackie:  I second that! if u could live anywhere else, where would it b?

Tina:  Hamilton Island, Australia most definitely (lovely – and all travel by golf buggy no cars 🙂

Jackie:  Are u a golf enthusiast to Tina?

Tina:  Not until I retire but I’m told I’ve got good muscle memory!  (at Wii golf) 🙂

Jackie:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been offered

Tina:  to underpromise and overperform and never lie to a Customer

Jackie:  How would u spend your ideal Sunday? plse remember this is a “family show” 🙂

Tina:  It would be a leisurely Sunday lunch at Kams Palace (super Chinese in Park Gate) or a curry (YUM)

Jackie:  Who would u have around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Tina:  Randolf Fiennes, Maggie Thatcher, Prince Harry and a member of Help for Heroes would be my guests

Jackie:  So r u a smoked salmon or fish n chips kinda gall?…. previous question, fish n chips …. kinda gal!!

Tina:  Champagne (Veuve in case anyone out there wants to know 🙂

and I love a good fish and chips lunch for a treat

Jackie:  Champagne (Veuve in case anyone out there wants to know 🙂 #1230KISS / broadcasted loud & clear – VEUVE

Tina:  Thank you Jackie!!

Jackie:  So, Tina, last question coming up – what’s success all about for u, is it ££££

Tina:  Success for me is personal satisfaction and how I feel about myself at the end of each day

Jackie:  Success – lovely, thanks Tina so much for your time, hope you’ve enjoyed being with us, next…

Tina:  It was great fun and thank you again for the invite Jackie.

Jackie:  my pleasure  you’ll be here soon!…

thnx again Tina, look forward to seeing u soon

next week our guest is Sally Lovett – have a gr8 w/e all & see u same time same place – 10.30 am 28 June

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