Snippets from Dion Johnson – 5 April 2013

DionJohnson@Dion_Jay  Join Us for a coffe’n’Tweetchat this morning as @1230jackie Tweeterviews me:-) hahaa this should be FUN!

Dion:  Yay! Raring to kick off my first ever Tweeterview!

Dion:  Hi Jackie! This is so cool! Technology eh?!!! 🙂 Thanks for having me! I’m a Twitterview newbi

Jackie:  Welcome Dion, its such a pleasure to have you as our guest, plse tell us abt your biz

Dion:  I work with Managerial Women over 40 who are fed up at work and in life but not sure how to make changes

Dion:  You know, they say to themselves, “There’s got to be more to life than this… and they are right! There is more!

Jackie:  Wow!  Is there something you’d like to share with us

Dion:  I’ve just lauched my new website  I’d love women joining us to check it out and spread the word

Jackie:  love the site Dion, it’s so bold and strong!

Dion:  Women of managerial level who get stuck in a rut are often suffering in silence… too afraid to “fess up” so try to manage alone

Dion:  My programme is called FACE It! Facing up2 how u got in2 the rut and what it’s going to cost you to break free is the first step!

Jackie:  What is success all about for you, is it all about the money?

Dion:  SuccessAuthentic Expression: Consistent Personal Growth: Making The difference I was born to make. Not doing 2much damage as I go!

Jackie:  I love your web site, it’s bold and strong!

Dion:  I love that when you look at my site to see BOLD! Boldly being the real Me (and you) is what I stand for

Jackie:  what’s been your greatest challenge

Dion:  Change is scary! My biggest challenge is to get women looking behind the excuses and FACE the real barriers in their lives

Jackie:  Which quality do you prefer to work with –entrepreneur or maverick?

Dion:  I love2work closely withprene urs in business cos I’m not one naturally but love joining hearts with Mavs2create WOWS In the world

Dion:  You got it @anneq! a recent study show that 71% were dissatisfied but the majority of those had no plans to change!

Jackie:  If you were to be one business woman for a day – who would you be?

Dion:  I’d be Dani Johnson! She’s a DJ and she’s living my kinda life!

Dion:  Love Dani Johnson, Global Speaker, works closely with raving fans, makes massive values driven difference doing her thang!

Jackie:  Are you a champagne or beer and skittlestype of gal

Dion:  hehee! Defo Champers Daaarlig! Crystal flute and strawberries to please!

Dion:  love2work preneurs in business, cos I’m not one naturally, but love joining hearts with Mavs2create WOWS In the world

Jackie:  Who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers

Dion:  Powerful women! . Dani Johnson, Sonia Di Maola, Dr Samantha Collins, Sue Mazza, Maya Angelou, Oprah

Dion:  I love to hang out with people who are interested in change and progress for our world! I’m a world changer too!

Jackie:  Thanks so much Dion for your time with us today, hope you’ve enjoyed

Dion:  It’s been a crazy adventurous pleasure!! Hahahaa! Appreciate you Jackie

Dion:  You and me both Lovely Lady!

Dion:  @anneq Thanks for joining us Anne! Nice to connect on here too!

Jackie:  look forward to seeing everyone next week, with Andrea Graham as guest, 10.30 am

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