Snippets from Emma Jones – 3 August 2012

Jackie:  a very sunny warm welcome to our guest this morning Emma Jones @emmaljones of Enterprise Nation – ‘ morning Emma, how r u?

how exciting, plse tell us more about u’re business

Emma:  My business is @e_nation which helps anyone start and grow a business and also involved with @startupbritain campaign

Jackie:  what’s success about 4 u Emma – is it all about the money?

Emma:  No! I advise people to do what they love & money will follow. Success for me is about getting businesses up & running

Jackie:  what’s been u’re greatest challenge to date over what must b a v exciting time of development?

I know u’re pressed 4 time this morning so last question coming up

what’s the best piece of advice you could pass onto startups

Emma:  My StartUp advice is ‘know your niche, embrace technology, Go global & focus on what you do best & outsource the rest’

Jackie:  thnx so much E 4 u’re time, know you’ve got to dash so have a fab day.

Look forward to seeing everyone sometime same place next week – have fab w/e

Emma:  Thanks for having me, Jackie! That last question re greatest challenge: not enough hours in the day! Have a good one

Jackie:  LOL! yep know that one! you too

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