Snippets from Tina Baxter – 11 January 2013

London, networking, usinessTina  @MissBTakesaWalk:   Hi Jackie, standing by!  / Excellent – Good morning Tina, Everyone…

Jackie:  Welcome Tina @MissBTakesaWalk:  bit of a grey day, but lovely and sunny in #1230KISS – plse tell us something something about your business Tina

Tina:   I am City of London Guide, qualified June 2011. A lover of history so an ideal job!

Made redundant from my full time job end 2012. So decided to take the leap and Guide

What started as a hobby has become a business by default. Made redundant unexpectedly in Nov

I had already started looking for business by using my blog & joining assocn. Plus the business card

Jackie:  u need to b v knwledgeable, lookg 2 celebrating International Women’s Day with u

Jackie:  do u have time to read any biz books? if so what r u reading at the mo?

Tina:   the training is intensive, v good for memory still not sure how I recall it all! An interesting subject.  Did not think to do before – an incentive – many unusual aspects of women and their role through history ..

Tina:   No time for business books – its all history – ‘She Devils’ by Helen Castor – as on TV series

Jackie:  what is success about for u, is it all about the money?

Tina:   Not about money – especially not Guiding! About sharing k’ledge, getting response from group & ambassador to City.  Morning! love the guiding no money in it. Sharing history of the City a pleasure few bob helps though.

Jackie:  Good morning Wendy, thank you for joining us – do u have a question for Tina?

Jackie:   have you received any advice you’d like to share with us?

Tina:   Try not to take on too many projects at one time. Quality not quantity. Difficult though

Wendy @WWisewolf   Hi Tina – what is the funniest thing that has happened on your walks?

Jackie:  Good question Wendy – can’t wait!

Tina:   Usually misunderstandings of language – Coolus roman helmet – as ‘coolest roman helmet’. Now use often

Jackie:  sharing all that knowledge must be so exciting, can’t wait until 21/3 ! is there something u’d ike to promote with us

Tina:   My walks and my blog please

Jackie:  on the lighter side still r u a fish n chips or smoked salmon type of gal?

Tina:   Would say smoked salmon but in this weather fish & chips!

Jackie:  21/3 think we have a group from #1230TWC Canterbury joining us !

Tina:   That’s a fascinating City too – will be pleased to show them the City of London

You will enjoy it – thought provoking and yet fun!

Jackie:  so u concentrate on the City of London? where can ppl find more details, do u have web site?

Tina:   I am a member of Footprints of London and I have a blog.

Jackie:  what is the address for that plse?  ah, have found it

Tina:   www.footprints of &

Jackie:  thnx so much for your time Tina, hope you’ve enjoyed, last question coming up, Who would be around your inner table of positive thinkers?

Tina:   This has been an interesting experience …

Tina:   This is tricky Asa Briggs, Coco Chanel, Carolyn Steel – Billy Connolly!

@footprintsldn There is a tweet chat with Footprints own @MissBTakesawalk on at the moment – follow

Jackie:  Thnx so much for the Mention! & Wendy too

Tina:   Thank you for the opportunity & looking fwd to 21/03. Good weekend one and all.

@wwisewolf Wendy:  W You are very welcome

Jackie:  Thanks all for joining us – look forward to next Friday at 10.30 am

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