Snippets from Nicci Bonfanti – 13 September 2013

NicciBonfantiflipJackie:   Good morning Nicci Bonfanti @NicciBonf & Viewers, how r u today”

Nicci:  great. Excited!

Jackie:   Gr8 stuff! A v warm welcome! plse tell us abt your biz Nicci

Nicci:   Hi Jackie. I help business owners who love to serve but hate to sell find their own way of selling authentically

Jackie:   such a difficult thing to do, most of us hate “selling” but need to!

Nicci:  “Selling” has a bad press. Serving people and finding problems to their solutions is one way of viewing “selling”

Jackie:   If u were able to start again, what if anything would u do differently?

Nicci:   I would find out what marketing channels worked best for me before wasting money on those that don’t!

Jackie:   Interesting! now we’ve worked together on a special training programme for #1230BizSchool, plse share abt

Jackie:   yr crse on 16/10 “Learn to love sales!” fits in so well with that

Nicci:   Exactly. Course on 16/10 gives strategies to re-think old ways of selling & explore more feminine, consultative & challenging ways

Jackie:   If u were to live anywhere else where would it b?

Nicci:  By the sea in a vibrant city. This year I’ve visited Sydney, Perth and Vancouver. Could easily live in any of those

Jackie:   on today’s greyness, sounds perfect! pop me in your case!

Jackie:   What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given Nicci?

Nicci:  Play to your strengths and not focus on your weaknesses

Jackie:   Do u have a biz mistake u’d like to share with us?

Nicci:  Spending too much time & money on advertising when public speaking, training, networking & social media give me better results

Jackie:   Last question coming up Nicci, what’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Nicci:   Paragliding in Bali – I screamed as I was dragged up but then the views were blissful

Jackie:   ooOOOoo you’re v brave! Thnx so much Nicci, hope u’ve enjoyed!

Jackie:   Next week, is Dawn Butler of Colourful Radio @dawnbutlerbrent – c u then 10.30 am – thnx again Nicci & Viewers

Nicci:  It speeded up in the middle! Is it all over?

Jackie:   heheheeh, yep all one an dusted will b and… laters – thnx x

Nicci:  You are v.welcome. Always enjoy new experiences. Thank you for inviting me.

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