Snippets from Donna Still @ultimatelife – 26 August 2011

Good morning everyone and a special welcome to Donna Still of @ultimatelife – Donna plse tell us something about yr business

Donna: we empower positive people who want to profit from better performance by providing a personalised pathway to…

Jackie:  that sounds pretty powerful stuff – what keeps u awake with excitement about yr business?

Donna:  designing and developing empowering experiential training programmes for small business owners (more…)

Snippets from Sylvia Tidy-Harris @sylviatidyharris – 19 August 2011

@HilaryDevey:  my agent Sylvia is doing a Twitterview at 10.30am with @SylviaTidyHarri is today’s #interview !!

Jackie:  Good morning Sylvia – thnx so much for joining us this morning especially last min. plse tell us something about your business

Sylvia: I run 3 speaker bureaus inc – 1st women only speaker bureau outside of the USA & Canada

Jackie: yes u have wonderful client base – congratulations! r u a beer & skittles gal, or champagne? (more…)

Snippets from Beverley Webb @beautifulbras – 12 August 2011

Jackie: Good morning everyone & especially Twitterviewee Bev Webb of @BeautifulBras – how r u today Bev?

Beverley: Feeling good but slightly nervous as this is my first twitter interview :0)

Jackie: lol! we’ll be gentle! plse tell us about yr business Bev

Beverley: Beautiful Bosom offers unique bra fitting consultation and we source bras for each ladies specific requirements & give choice :0) (more…)

Snippets from @NikkiPilkington – 29 July 2011

1230KISS: it’s Friday 10.30 am – very warm welcome to @nikkipilkington – how r u Nikki?

Nikki: Hi everyone – I’m a little bit nervous so be nice to me 😉

Nikki: Hope you all have lots of questions for my  interview or i’ll look a bit silly! Don’t forget the hashtag so I can keep up!

1230KISS: we’re always nice Nikki!! plse tell us a bit about your business

Nikki Pilkington – Guest on Friday 29 July 10.30 am

We’re delighted that @NikkiPilkington will be joining us this Friday for #1230KISS Twitterview.  Please join us, Follow us on @1230KISS and join in the conversation on #1230KISS or just lurk if you prefer!

Friday 2 September we’re delighted to be joined by @tinajonasen

We’ve a great schedule of Guests booked until 21 October – if you’d like to take part just email

We look forward to hearing from you

Snippets from Helen Hooper – 22 July 2011

Jackie: Good morning #1230KISS ers, a very warm welcome to our 1st @costawomen @helenhooper “calling” from Portugal – how r u Helen?

Helen: #1230 good morning Jackie, I’m good thanks, great to talk with you

KnitshopLeGreen: Good Morning everyone!

Jackie: Good morning Julieta, good to have u onboard!

Snippets from @JackieBarrie – 15 July 2011

1230Jackie: A warm welcome to our special Twitterview guest JackieBarrie &  Followers – how r u today

JackieBarrie: Looking forward to being Twitterviewed. Please be gentle with me!

1230Jackie:  LOL! and good morning to our @costawomen ! 1230Jackie, plse tell us a bit about your business

JackieBarrie: I provide writing without waffle to help small businesses make more money. I also train people how to do it themselves.

Snippets from Ali Meehan @costawomen – 8 July 2011

Jackie: Good morning everyone and a very warm, if not wet here welcome, to Ali Meehan @costawomen

Ali would you plse tell us something about your business?

Ali: Social Networking Group for Women living in #Spain providing support and info both for business and personal live + social media

Jackie: clearly things r working well 4 u in #Spain – what about success, is that all about money 4 u?

Ali: Nope because actually CostaWomen is not being run a business I am funding it. Poverty is about lack of choices.

Snippets from Heather Bond @heatherbond1 – 1 July 2011

Jackie:  and a very warm, if belated, welcome to Member Guest this morning Heather Bond of e-solutions…. Hi Heather

Jackie:  Which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick

Heather:  A combination of the two 🙂 I suppose a truly visionary entrepreneur

Jackie:  sounds like the perfect combination – nice one Heather! now, bit more about you! Would u say you’re a stilettos or trainers Girl

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