April 2012 archive

Snippets from Karen Davis – 27 April 2012

Jackie:  r u sitting comfortably? 5 mins 10.30 am TODAY @BeFabulous, plse join in follow #1230KISS

Karen:  Warming my fingers up for #1230KISS – see you soon 🙂

Jackie:  Fabulously sunny morning everyone, especially this morning’s special guest Karen Davis @befabulous

Karen:  well please send that sun to me, it’s tipping it down here again 🙂 (more…)

Snippets from Deborah Durack – 13 April 2012

Jackie:  Good morning everyone – our guest this morning is Deborah Durack @bright_ed  – welcome Deborah – please tell us something about your business

Deborah:  I tutor science and maths and am a school speaker in all things STEM

Jackie:  wow – that’s different – how did u start with that interest – what age do u train?

Deborah:  At 21 I completed a physics and electronics degree and then worked as an electronic engineer, I then retrained in 1990 to be a teacher (more…)