January 2013 archive

Snippets from Janan Leo – 25 January 2013

Janan LeoJackie:  @cocoroselondon: @1230jackie ready to go!  / good morning Janan, Everyone delighted to have u join us today. Janan plse tell us something about your business

Janan:  we design the most fabulous (!!!) foldable ballet pumps … & we love Fridays!

Jackie:  Indeed, they r fabulous discussing them at #Thanet meeting yday! probably silly question, but what keeps u awake at night with excitement about your business? (more…)

Snippets from Kath Pay – 18 January 2013

networking. twitter, twitterview, #1230KISS, jackie groundsellJackie:  morning Kath, @kathpay everyone, have to say this… on this chilly morning, stay safe & warm. thnx for joining us

so onto the biz – plse tell our “viewers” something about your business

Kath:  Sure thing – @PlantoEngage is an #emailmarketing and #eCRM consultancy – we consult, train and speak on email & eCRM

Jackie:  do u have any business books on the go at the moment? (more…)

Snippets from Tina Baxter – 11 January 2013

London, networking, usinessTina  @MissBTakesaWalk:   Hi Jackie, standing by!  / Excellent – Good morning Tina, Everyone…

Jackie:  Welcome Tina @MissBTakesaWalk:  bit of a grey day, but lovely and sunny in #1230KISS – plse tell us something something about your business Tina

Tina:   I am City of London Guide, qualified June 2011. A lover of history so an ideal job! (more…)