June 2013 archive

Snippets from Tina Kemp – 21 June 2013

TinaKempJackie:  Morning Tina @tinakempwpa  how r u today? so glad to have u as our guest

Tina:  Morning Jackie, very well thanks and thanks for the invite!

Jackie:  Tina, plse tell us something about your business

Tina:  I help put people into hospital – but only private hospitals of their choice when they need the best treatment (more…)

Snippets from Shona Easton – 31 May 2013

handbags, leather, networkingJackie:  @ShonaEaston  ‘morning Shona & Welcome! & Viewers. how r u today Shona? I c u’ve been to the gym this am

Shona:  Hi Jackie, Thank you. Yes been to the gym. Good start to the day.

Jackie:  Please tell us something about your business

Shona:  I’m a handbag & accessory designer. We sell the Shona Easton brand via stockists all over the UK and online (more…)