Snippets from Emily Miller – 1 August 2014

Emily_MillerJackie:   Morning everyone & very warm welcome to my special guest Emily @LinkedinTutors.

Emily how are you today

Emily:    @LinkedinTutors  Super Jackie – just not the best typist! Sorry for the blank tweet!

Jackie:  LOL, please tell us something abt your biz

Emily: I help businesses use the power of #LinkedIn to get more clients and raise their profile & I love what I do

I’ve developed an online LinkedIn training course w/ the fab@kirstenhodgson specifically for #lawyers 

Jackie:  Where would you be Emily on a Sunday for your biz? Thinking about the business & client work — there is always something that needs to be done!

Emily:   On LinkedIn, of course! 🙂  / where else indeed?

Absolutely! #LinkedIn is becoming much more visual and user friendly which is great

Jackie:  What’s the best advice u’ve been given

Emily:   Believe in yourself – if you don’t, no one else will!

Emily:   Actually it’s been remembering to believe in myself! I’m a perfectionist when it come to me! 🙂

Jackie:  And who’d be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Emily:  Ghandi for wisdom, Dale Carnegie for positive thinking & Pharrell Williams for music!

Liza:  🙂 @WeirdSid: I love your KISS interviews. It’s not Friday until they’ve happened. / we’d best do one eh Liza?

Jackie:  How has networking and 1230TWC been successful for your business

Emily:  1230TWC  was the 1st businesswomen’s network I attended when I set up my business & helped me launch it. Thx Jackie!

Jackie:   You’ve always been gr8 Emily! Hope u’ve enjoyed today, it’s been a pleasure having u here.

Emily:   Many thanks to you, Jackie! I really enjoyed it! All the best, Emily

Jackie: Thnx again Emily, same time same place next week – have gr8 week everyone

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