Snippets from Janan Leo – 25 January 2013

Janan LeoJackie:  @cocoroselondon: @1230jackie ready to go!  / good morning Janan, Everyone delighted to have u join us today. Janan plse tell us something about your business

Janan:  we design the most fabulous (!!!) foldable ballet pumps … & we love Fridays!

Jackie:  Indeed, they r fabulous discussing them at #Thanet meeting yday! probably silly question, but what keeps u awake at night with excitement about your business?

Janan:  our latest project #LondonUnfolded!

Jackie:  OOO That looks interest, will take a closer look laters. Do u have a biz book on go currently reading @richardbranson’s book Like a Virgin which he very kindly sent to me! :)s

Jackie:  WooHoo how fabulous, friends in high places, pardon the pun! What is success all about for u, is it just money

Jackie:  any particular business advice you’d like to share with our “viewers” *wave*

Janan:  ha! perhaps it would be easier if it was just about money but it’s so much more than just the materialistic side.

Jackie:  could yu share what that “more” is for u with us?

Jackie:  what would u say has been your greatest challenge?

Janan:  greatest challenge… perhaps manufacturing, both overseas and in the UK. or perhaps the more ‘operational’ side.

Jackie:  soooo r u a champagne or beer and skittles type of gal?

Jackie:  a gr8 deal going on there then. last question coming up Janan & thank u so much for joining us….

Janan:  champers or beer & skittles… definitely champers for me! or champagne cocktails…that’ll do! 🙂

Jackie:  just fabulous!

Jackie:  Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Janan:  dinner table of positive thinkers… well definitely you for starters! 😉

who else, Richard B I guess….

Jackie:  LOL – will look forward to that – flattery gets u everywhere! 😉

Jackie:  Janan it’s been a pleasure to have u here, I hope you’ve enjoyed.. gr8 w/e everyone – next week our guest is

Janan:  thank you for having me! #FF everyone and have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

Jackie:  next week our guest is @LeighQuantrill so we look forward to u joining us then, thnx again Janan

Janan:  Enoc Powell Princess Anne Martin Luther King David Putnam …  Coco Channel +

Alan Sugar Richard Branson Eton Senna

Jackie:  I look forward to it!

Janan:  thank you for having me! #FF everyone and have a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

Jackie:  thnx again – u too! Xx

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